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In province will raise the salary to teachers and tutors

Today to learn and nurture children go either on calling, or from a hopelessness. Unfortunately, the salary of teachers leaves much to be desired. To change a situation it is possible only joint efforts of all branches of the power, and in the Samara region this progress has begun.

Yesterday at an emergency meeting of the Samara provincial thought changes in the Law « are passed; About the regional budget » which provide increase in a salary to teachers of preschool educational institutions and boarding schools. The corresponding decision was accepted at session of the regional government the day before. It became the next stage in complex increase of salaries to teachers of the Samara region. Earlier at the initiative of governor Vladimir Artjakova the decision on increase of the salary to teachers of comprehensive schools on 30 % and its finishing to average on region was accepted.

- Increase of incomes of teachers - one of priority directions of development of an education system, - was explained by Vladimir Artjakov, the governor of the Samara region. - acceptance of changes in the budget has concerned official icon settings of teachers of preschool educational institutions, boarding schools, children`s homes and other categories of the personnel of these establishments. Thanks to our joint operative work incomes of educators already with

will increase on September, 1st, 2011 on 30 %. The regional government also will pay further the most steadfast attention to support of pedagogical shots.

solving a problem of increase of incomes of educators, in parallel the government of the Samara region strengthens financially - technical base of schools, kindergartens and other establishments of educational sphere. On their reconstruction, repair, safety and equipment from budgets of all levels this year it is directed more than two billions roubles. It practically twice more than in 2010 - the m. to Professional growth of pedagogical shots is paid not smaller attention - this year teachers of province will receive 4700 personal laptops that in

15 times exceed last year`s figure. The mechanism of social support of graduates of high schools and the colleges receiving pedagogicheski specialities Besides, has renewed. Together with salary increase this measure too will involve youth in an education sphere that should please.