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The number of cars on the Earth has reached 1 billion

Everyone   seventh average   the inhabitant of the Earth   now has   the car. « psychological » as   now it is accepted   to speak, a boundary   in 1 billion cars, planetary   the motor car park has overcome   giving thanks   to the big jump made in   the past   to year. In 2010 on roads   have appeared 35 million   new   a car.

Most   big   a mite   the Chineses, bought 14 million   have brought; new   cars, in   volume   number   and 850 thousand   off-road cars. For   comparisons   –   in 2010 in   Heavenly Empire   was   it is sold only …   one « green »   Toyota Prius car.

On   number   a motor car park   – 78 million   cars, that is on one   to the car on each 17 Chineses, China   concedes only Connected   to States, where cars of 239 million – on one on each 1,3 Americans. It is even less: on one car on each 22 inhabitants it is necessary in Nigeria where lives 155 million persons.

the Statistics, writes   automobile   magazine Ward ' s, except cars, includes minivans and trucks.

By the way, experts   predict sharp jump in number of cars. By 2050 if to believe experts from the Organization of economic cooperation and development, on roads of the Earth will run 2,5 billion cars.