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The governor of region has checked up Murmansk schools

- the Theatre begins with a hanger, and educational institution – from a porch, and at you that with it? Why steps are not concreted? – 2 governor of region has scolded a grammar school management , transpassing a threshold of this « alma - mater ».

past Monday head of Murmansk area Dmitry Dmitrienko together with Minister of Education and Science Vasily Kostjukevichem and the head of city committee by training Natalia Karpenko two grammar schools and one school have visited. Objects for inspection have been chosen casually. Auditors not only have bypassed buildings, have asked their interesting questions, but also on - chelovecheski have taken an interest: that suffices, and that – no.

In a grammar school 8 on first of September for school desks 735 children will sit down. And all there, as they say, with igolochki. As it was found out, an order have guided recently, repair work before boiled.

- all the June long on the basis of a grammar school there passed the state total certification of ninth-graders. But for 40 days the enormous amount of works has been spent, - has told to journalists the director of a grammar school 8 and « the Teacher of year of Murmansk area - 2005 » Elena Vaskova. We have repaired the given porch of a grammar school, have painted staircases with a nonflammable paint, have replaced doors on fire-prevention, have inserted antivandalnye shumoizoljatsionnye modern glasses. Have spent one million three hundred thousand roubles.

Delegation, without knowing weariness, rose and went down on floors, honoured guests and in sports hall have glanced. At that time there there passed training of volleyball players.

- We will not disturb, - having inspected a hall, Dmitry Vladimirovich has smiled to sportsmen.

- the Physical cult - greetings! – journalists have not become puzzled and have moved further.

In a grammar school 2 auditors have stumbled, as we already spoke, on a porch and have demanded till September, 1st to put it in order. And as a whole there that is necessary, have repaired, have painted and have repaired - for example, toilets already on 600 thousand one rubles. A grammar school 2 the same as and 8, it is equipped by last word of technics – the complex multimedia system is used already at elementary school.

- Earlier children wrote abstracts, and now it is called design scientific work, - 2 Marina Skvortsova has told the director of a grammar school .

honoured guests and assembly hall Have examined. According to the director, this place very much vostrebovanno: there there passes rhythmics for malyshni, rehearsals of a dancing circle and drama school employment. The governor has promised that to the operative equipment from means of the regional budget will add the modern sound.

the School 41 that on Heroes - severomortsev, became the third object of check. And there too a porch « limps ». But at the school it is very cosy and comfortable. So, premises for   the smallest are divided on two halves: one – the educational zone, the second - a rest zone. In the first - convenient school desks, in the second - sofas on which for children their plush friends long-sufferingly wait.

- by Textbooks are provided, shots – too, children suffices, - 41 Elena Gorbunova has informed inspections the principal .

- Now all schools of area are ready to reception of pupils. 330 million roubles are allocated from the regional budget, all of them are spent on a special-purpose designation. Purchase of additional means as their use in educational process allows to level distance will be continued. Our children should not feel the isolation from contemporaries in other regions of the country. For today 100 % of schools in area are captured by the Internet, installation of systems of broadband access is conducted. We take the second place in Russia by quantity of interactive boards. And work will be continued, - Dmitry Vladimirovich summarised.