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In Murmansk area have noted the Eid al-Fitr

on August, 30th Moslems marked Ramadan termination - strict Islamic fast which month lasts. In this connection all over the world have passed solemn Mohammedan prayers in honour of the feast the Eid al-Fitr marking the termination of fast. It has concerned and Murmansk.

  - According to tradition, last day monthly fast Moslems cleaned the houses, bought new clothes for a family, gifts, and also entertainments to a feast, - has told Gulzhihan Sadykov, the head of the Murmansk regional public Tatar cultural centre « Gulzhihan ». - It is considered that in days of commemorating of Urazy - bajrama it is necessary to congratulate each other, to visit tombs native, and also to distribute alms - so-called sadaka.

In Murmansk, as a rule, the Eid al-Fitr widely is not celebrated, because fast is observed basically by people of the senior generation, and we have some of those. And on a broader scale it is necessary to observe Ramadan from 7 years.

- I collected people from 30 till 50 years, - continues Gulzhihan Shagidzjanovna. - We read the Koran. At seven o`clock have begun, and the sun has sat down in 20. 40. Across Moscow it is necessary to keep, at us at this time the sun does not sit down yet. Then we have made a Mohammedan prayer, and then - to a festive table.

According to Gulzhihan, an entertainment for the Eid al-Fitr are pies, fruit, vegetables and special meat:

- At Moslems it is called haljal. It not store, but house. This meat of an animal to which gave a pure forage, and have killed so that other individuals did not see and have not received stress.

By the way, probably, the next year - two building in Murmansk the first in territory of region of a mosque will begin. The head of Muslim religious association of a city Arthur Ahmedzhanov has told about it:

- the Project of construction of a temple around the house 120 on the prospectus Kola at a stage of the coordination with 2008 - go year. The committee on municipal economy development, administration of May Day district and architects of a city should confirm it. To us have allocated an uneasy site: from it far water drain, an electricity, everywhere pass cables. Business goes, but very slowly. We hope that this or next year building at least will begin.