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At Minsk the Dynamo the brave and bearded captain

on August, 30th on « Minsk - Arena » there has passed presentation of players Minsk « the Dynamo ». One of leading roles has been taken away to Slovak Yaroslav Obshutu whom head coach Marek Sikora has appointed the captain.

Sir Marek reflected over that who will be kapitanit not one week. The matter is that in last season it, having counted on Slovak Joseph Shtumpela, has miscalculated. Later he admitted that this role weighed Shtumpela. To words of Sikory we can add still that phlegmatic Joseph - the person not that temperament which is necessary for a role of the leader. Therefore on a course of a season of the Slovak on this fast Andrey Mikhalev has replaced. To it not vpervoj was to play a role of the fireman. In the first season in KHL to Andrey already it was necessary to replace Alexander Makritsky. In a season 2009/ 2010 captain was Finn Ville Peltonen from whom also it would be desirable bolshej activity both on a platform, and out of it.

This time the Czech of Sikora has counted on Slovak Obshuta, it is possible to tell, the compatriot, after all both of them were born in Czechoslovakia. Considering that the captain should be the assistant to the trainer and the intermediary in dialogue with the command, Sikora, obviously, has considered that with Obshutom it will be easier to it to find common language, rather than with somebody from Byelorussians. So Andrey Mikhalev, as they say, had to pass affairs to the foreign colleague. By the way, even before purpose of Obshuta we have asked Andrey whom he sees the captain?

- In my opinion, the captain the command should choose, - Andrey has told. - but if the trainer appoints so that and to be. I am imposed by Yaroslav Obshut. Know, it as the uncle - the present muzhik.

And here that has told about Yaroslav Sikora:

- Obshut all - taki differs from   SHtumpela: encourages children on   to a bench, with   all communicates equally much, owns and   Russian and   English. Its assistants will be Jeff Platt and   Andrey Mikhalev.

In dialogue Yaroslav really makes impression of the good-natured and self-assured person. It as that brave captain from a song: « Veins the brave captain, it has travelled many countries and time and again he ploughed ocean. Time fifteen it sank, perished among sharks, but never even an eye has blinked ».

For ocean Obshut has left in 1994 - m, 18 more - summer, and acted in the lowest North American leagues of 10 years. Some matches have played NHL for « Sent - Luis » and « Colorado » but be fixed in the strongest league could not. Says that from it good luck has turned away. And « time fifteen it sank » - health brought. In its medical card there is a record about rupture of crosswise sheaves, a blood poisoning …

As a result Yaroslav has got over in 2004 - m to Europe and five years ottrubil in Swedish « Luleo ». Then has moved to Russia where supported « Spartak » and « Atlant » with which has reached Gagarin`s cup-final. By the way, if in America it have nicknamed Ob spartakovtsy have nicknamed it the Grandfather.

After « atlanty » have cardinally changed structure, Obshut has appeared in « the Dynamo ». Says that it is glad to such turn in the career. It are pleasant to it both a city, and the command.

To Minsk it plans to transport the 6 - the summer son and the wife. It is visible that Obshut approaches to the work and maintenance of backs thoroughly. And such captain is necessary to us.  

And At this time

the Input on a cup-final of Belarus will be free

the Match will take place on September, 3rd (17. 00) on « Minsk - Arena ».

In final battle will meet Minsk « the Youth » and zhlobinsky « the Metallurgist ». Both commands have confidently passed a preliminary stage, pervenstvovav in the groups.

« the Metallurgist » has won all five matches, and « the Youth » has lost only one point in a meeting with Soligorsk « the Miner » having defeated a series bullitov.