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In Voronezh the police searches for the swindlers who have removed 1 000 000 roubles from salary maps Cбербанка

the Sensation has risen still in the end   last week: a little   voronezhtsev   have come to cash dispenses to draw out money and have not found out them on the maps. In the Savings Bank references of the offended clients fell down: where our savings have got to?  

Bank   has there and then blocked about 600 maps - employees of mechanical factory (workers   this enterprise   by the first were converted with complaints   about loss   money).   Messages on it of a steel   to discuss   at city forums. By Monday   victims voronezhtsev some tens were typed already.

the Savings Bank   at once has officially declared,   that leak of the finance from maps really was, but voronezhtsam the lost money will necessarily return   - for this purpose exists   special reserve fund.

-     the Total sum of the gone money   - about one million roubles. About exact quantity of victims while it is not known, at present to us 68 persons were converted, - has told yesterday   « Alexander Sljusarev, the head a press - services TSCHB SB of the Russian Federation. - We have already returned money   fifteen of them.

In bank there is a check. With each case   understand an individual order.   by yesterday   the number of the blocked maps has made already   2000:   600 from them   are salary bills   workers all same Voronezh Mehzavoda, the others - maps of the enterprises, from whose employees   this week   complaints also have arrived.  

Meanwhile polices managed to be found out, how at voronezhtsev have stolen money.

-     Swindlers have established videocameras which fixed pin - codes of clients, and also special devices,   reading out   the information from maps on five cash dispenses in different areas of Voronezh, - have told « in GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs across the Voronezh region.

Already   it is known about   two swindlers, however all details guards in the interests of the investigation to open do not hurry yet.   after all such   scale and impudent swindle, they speak, in Voronezh yet was not. Now collectors carefully examine all cash dispenses of a city on presence « left » videocameras.