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Gomelchanin, killed the director, became the schizophrenic after army

- I felt that I will commit a crime, therefore went on a city with a knife, hoping that me will detain. Dullness in a head accrued, I did not sleep all night long, thoughts have come to deadlock, - explained to doctors during stationary judicial psihologo - psychiatric and narcological examination 27 - summer gomelchanin.

We already wrote that in May the young man killed the chief directly in an office. The guy worked as the assembler in a private concern. It has been translated to the turnkey contract, and got wages depending on the executed orders. And them was very little, therefore the man almost lived in misery. Once it has come to find out to the director why that does not provide with its orders. Conversation has passed in quarrel.

- I demanded from the chief normal working conditions, but that behaved haughtily. If he responded me validly, anything and was not, - the assembler gave evidences. But on a meeting with the director it has brought with itself(himself) a knife which has applied « with despair » - so the worker has explained the feelings.

- On the bases of examination the man is recognised by deranged. He suffered affliction at the moment of commission of crime and suffers affliction now chronic psihrasstrojstvom - paranoidnoj a schizophrenia. Strangenesses began to notice for the guy after returning from army. He could talk to the TV, talk nonsense about an apocalypse, burn books, - tells « the senior inspector of investigatory department of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Gomel area Nikolay Bulanovich .

it has appeared that the man lay in psihbolnitse twice and was under supervision. It is strange that doctors have given out it the permission to work in collective and have not noticed the appeared aggression. Therefore on request of Office of Public Prosecutor management of public health services of regional executive committee will check up, why to the guy rendered the inadequate psychiatric help.

Accused admitted to doctors that on the eve of murder felt badly, went to the psychotherapist, but that did not accept. In hospital, according to the man, it too have not put - have told to come tomorrow.

the Court will define, where gomelchanin will pass compulsory treatment. Its victim still had wife and the child.