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Passengers of emergency flight seat belts

Red flashing majachok have rescued traffic police, pieces of rubber from the wheels, lying for some metres from a place of accident and black multimeter traces of braking on asphalt … After some hours after incident on a line remained only « veshchdoki » - the bus with the Tomsk numbers, lying on one side on a wheaten field and the car which too has taken out in a ditch.

Such terrible picture was observed on August, 23rd by eyewitnesses of a car accident near village Novopokrovka of the Tomsk region. Failure has occurred in 15 kilometres from village Kozhevnikovo: the passenger bus « has faced; Kia Cosmos » Novosibirsk following by flight — Kolpashevo, and the car « Nissan Bluebird ».

from 15 passengers of the bus, two - the woman have been hospitalised 21 years and its four-monthly child which have appeared are injured. All the others, it is possible to tell, « were born under a lucky star » also have got off with bruises. That passengers of the bus went with the fastened seat belts has served its purpose.        

From the car which became the road accident reason, Nissan there was only a metal heap. The back part of the car is torn off, glasses are beaten out, seats are pulled out. Blow was such force that at the bus even has torn off a forward wheel. Oleg Ibragimov, the bus driver tells:

-   I have seen that towards dvizhutsja two foreign cars – white and grey, on very great speed, and at both cars there was a right wheel, that is the limited possibility of the review. Grey has begun passing, but has seen our bus and has tried to return on the strip. However, probably, from - that speed was big, the girl has lost control over the car. Further all developed immediately: The car has moved in the beginning to the right, then to the left, then its beginning to develop, it hardly has not driven in ahead going car … as a result there was a lateral collision with my bus, to it has beaten out a wheel, I could not keep the car and we have turned over.

the Driver of the car, - it has appeared it 25 - the summer girl, with serious traumas hospitalised in Kozhevnikovsky central regional hospital as eyewitnesses speak, it was in very grave condition. Next day the girl has died in resuscitation. Despite that for its health specially arrived neurosurgeons from regional clinical hospital struggled to rescue unfortunate it was not possible.

the Status of other victims in failure - the woman and the child - for today stable, they are in surgical branch, and one of these days them should write out. All other participants of road accident have been delivered to destination in Kolpashevo.

- Under the information for today, there are bases to assume that road accident has occurred from - that the girl has left on an oncoming traffic strip, without having managed to drive, - has informed vr. And. An island of the chief of department UGIBDD across the Tomsk region Vitaly Aplin. - But unequivocally it can be confirmed only by results of investigation.  

the Place of accident very unexpected meaning that the line from here is well looked through in both parties, is not present either holes, or abrupt turns. Accordingly and the signs limiting speed on this site are not present. But is all on one strip in each party. Despite that reminders on the hardly not occurred tragedy so are obvious, before our eyes and in the face of employees of patrol cars cars continued the risky flight on a line of Kozhevnikovo - Melnikovo with a speed on some tens the kilometres, exceeding as much as possible admissible rules.          


From - that transport leaves on an oncoming traffic strip this year across the Tomsk region 10 serious failures are registered. And the main reason of road accident in region, according to GAI, a wrong high-speed mode which drivers choose, disregarding road conditions, visibility conditions, presence of counter and passing transport. Every third road accident occurs from - that drivers do not fulfil this requirement of traffic regulations.