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Newly-married couple has broken in road accident in some days after wedding

Failure has occurred in Tchebarkul on Monday approximately in 23. 30. Newly married where - that hurried. Eyewitnesses say that « Toyota Avensis » rushed on mad speed.

Suddenly the foreign car has wagged on road. Brakes have screamed, wheels have lifted dust clubs on a roadside. The car has moved down from asphalt and ran into a stone fence.

Blow was such force that a newly-married couple has died on the spot. Even the worked pillows of security have not rescued 23 - the summer driver and it 22 - the summer spouse.

— Under the preliminary version, the man has exceeded speed and has not managed to drive, — Elena Yeliseyev has told the employee of department of propagation of traffic police of Tchebarkul. — we cannot tell yet, from - for what the car has moved down after the journey. The driver`s experience of the victim — five years. Most likely, it went round a hole on proezzhej parts and could not level a wheel on high speed. Leah the man during that moment was drunk, to tell I can not yet. There is a consequence.

It is known that victims have celebrated a wedding in a past week-end. Possibly, that evening all of them still celebrated the feast.

One more terrible failure has occurred on Monday on a line of Juzhnouralsk — Magnitogorsk. « ten » has left on a counter strip and a forehead in a forehead ran into a waggon. Legkovushka has literally flown under the left wheel bolshegruza. In salon « the Zhiguli » there were five persons. Four from them were lost — 35 - the summer driver and passengers 17, 19 and 40 years. One has survived only — 13 - the summer son of the originator of failure. Now it lies in resuscitation in a grave condition.