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For primortsev are going to buy two new suburban trains

- When will repair all platforms at stations of electric trains?

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It is responded:  

- On DVZHD 560 passenger platforms are. On simultaneous repair of all objects of money will not suffice, - have responded «» in a press - service of the Far East highway.

However this year the railway all - taki could allocate five billions roubles for upgrade. Money will spend for repair of platforms, stations, stations, a construction of canopies on platforms and installation of modern information electronic boards.  

- a leah railwaymen Are going to buy new electric trains?

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It is responded:  

- Railwaymen annually plan acquisition of new electric trains. Does not become an exception and this year. In December and in the first half of the year 2012 the Far East highway will receive two new electric trains.  

- Who establishes tariffs for journey in suburban trains?

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It is responded:  

- Passenger transportations are divided on market and social. Suburban electric trains concern the second. It not profitable business, and the customer of social transportations is regional administration. As a rule, the authorities establish tariff level below cost transportations that this transport was accessible to inhabitants with low level of incomes. Therefore losses compensate to railwaymen from the budget. Proceeding from fullness of regional treasury, the administration also regulates the tariff.  

It is published also disturbing messages which have arrived recently on an editorial mobile phone:  

- It is impossible to leave with Ocean. For 40 minutes it is swallowed a poisonous dust at a bus stop!

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- At school 50 along the street Oleg Koshevogo not that that a pedestrian crossing, but also roads are not present. And power holes promised to bury still on August, 20th.

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- At a meeting with workers of factory « the Star » the governor promised to restore boat movement on a route « the Big Stone – Vladivostok ». Has passed two years, and boats and   no.

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