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Terrorists prepared explosion for September, 1st

the Chechen capital last year as - that has dropped out of the chronicle of acts of terrorism and murders - in streets of Grozny became more silent and quieter. The next Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino - Balkarija blazed. Even in cities of the Russian remote places kriminogennaja conditions were where as more seriously. The calm has appeared imaginary - in the evening on August, 30th in Grozny again polyhnulo . Very much rezonansno - 9 victims, 24 victims. Mostly it is employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Measures, Investigatory committee. Act of terrorism has occurred under the classical scheme « double explosion » - after the first when on a scene policemen and inspectors gather, civilians from among gapers gather, there is a second blasting - on mass defeat.

this act of terrorism has some features. In - the first, time   Crimes - it is made in day of a feast the Eid al-Fitr that in itself is a capital sin for the Moslem. In - the second, condemned men have been changed clothes for the police form. In - the third, in 22. 30 evenings they were going to arrange act of terrorism obviously not on okrainnoj to street Bogdana Khmelnitskiy, and went to more serious purpose for action fulfilment - on end of a feast of sacred month Ramadan and at opening of new academic year. In - the fourth, apparently, and as confirm in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic, criminals have got to a police trap during carrying out operatively - investigatory actions. Most likely, for them searched on all city and vicinities of Grozny, and the small patrol group has run into terrorists in the street Khmelnitskiy and has decided to check up documents at the person in the same form. Unexpectedly, truth?

- Such information was, on act of terrorism, - has informed «» a source in law-enforcement structure of the Chechen Republic. - We waited for it a bit later, but have taken preventive measures with strengthening of patrol and have given orientation to clothes of criminals which should change clothes in the form of employees of power structures.

In Grozny condemned men have applied tactics « double explosion » - the second occurs, when gather police and gapers.
a photo: RIA News

After the first self-blasting of one of condemned men employees of different police structures have operatively approached on an explosion place. Also have, seemingly, lost vigilance - approach to a tape of a protection of two strangers in shape have not taken seriously. And in vain... Three kgs of an explosive in a trotyl equivalent in « belts of shahids » have carried away lives of many people.

Persons of two condemned men, thanks to efficiency it is investigatory - operative group SK of Russia on the Chechen republic, have been established quickly enough. They had appeared 22 - summer Magomed Dashaev from Urus - Martanovsky area of the Chechen Republic and the student of oil institute 23 - summer Adlan Hamidov. Last, by the way, was Adam Hamidova`s brother who has undermined itself near militian « an UAZ » near theatrically - a concert hall in the centre of Grozny two years ago. Then four high-ranking militiamen and the two civilians were lost, four persons have suffered.

the Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov who has rigidly denounced a crime, named brothers of Hamidovyh « a family of terrorists ».

- it is necessary to us to start only conversations on softness, on condescension concerning participants NVF, they, to the contrary, start to shed blood innocent citizens. I once again was firmly convinced that only rigid and uncompromising measures can eradicate it angrily, - the head of republic has declared.

it is not excluded, by the way, that present demolition men went to residence Ramzana Kadyrova. One year ago explosion has occurred near a theatrical complex where it was at a concert. And at an attack on a parliament building in Grozny on October, 19th, 2010, there there should arrive the head of republic.

From - for a wide public resonance and a considerable quantity of human victims management SK of Russia has decided to pass a legal investigation in manufacture of Main investigatory management SK of Russia on Severo - to the Caucasian federal district. Also to Grozny employees of central office SKR have left.