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Theft on rokadke with a damage in millions roubles

- Who has climbed in a building, it is not known, - the expert of security service of the company Alexander Kashitsyn has told. - It is necessary to tell that the building is badly protected. Alarm systems are not present, chambers only three, and those, as a matter of fact, are useless at night. And the security guard says that anything did not see at night and did not hear. Even dogs who on territories oshivajutsja, did not bark.

As a result, predators not noticed have got into offices, have stolen laptops, have opened safes and have got therefrom all money. And opened teleologically only offices of directors of the enterprises (in a building on the third and fourth floor many small firms rent offices) and accounts department offices. At someone have stolen an order of 200 thousand roubles, at someone — hundred thousand roubles.

- Have found out theft only in the morning when employees of firms began to come for work, - Alexander Kashitsyn has told. - Began to insert a key into a door, and it is opened. Have come inside, and all is turned upside down and safes are destroyed.

the Militia arrived on a scene, has refused comments, having told that the consequence only has begun and to speak there is nothing. Moreover, journalists of our newspaper have asked to leave territory not to spoil traces of swindlers of anything on a scene of crime.

Tenants and employees of branch of the company « EvrazMetallInprom » also from comments have refrained.   on their persons it was visible that all are frightened and lost. At many on Wednesday should pay out the wages, and here the such.

- Perhaps operated and on navodke, - Alexander Kashitsyn has assumed. - Knew that money in a building is. Especially, in a city it not the first case.