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On the Kljazmensky bridge there were observation cameras

Observant vladimirtsy have noticed that recently before entrance on the Kljazmensky bridge from city centre there were four videocameras. Really GAI officers have expanded a zone of automatic supervision over infringers?

In traffic police « » have responded negatively.

- Chambers not ours. In that area of means of video fixing of infringements is not present. Probably, they were established by city police, - the inspector of department of propagation Michael Maslov has informed.

However in a staff of a municipal government of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to talk on this subject have refused, having explained that cannot « to disclose SUCH information ».

And only regional policemen (a press - secretary Oleg Kurochkin) could explain that to what:

- These chambers are used not for fixing of infringements of traffic regulations, and for supervision over a public order. The picture from them is deduced on the panel of a city call centre. Chambers have been got by the mayoralty and work in uniform system of video observation « the Safe city ». Also the picture from them is used for control over stoppers on the bridge and for road accident investigation.

All four chambers are established. Two look towards the city centre, two towards the Communard.