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Through the Bogoljubovsky meadow construct road

Many are disturbed: who has allowed to transform reserved territory into a building site? And for whom construct this road? As it was found out, pposle sets of coordination through a meadow have started to lay technical journey – road for spetstransporta, cars of church ministers and especially important persons to which by all means show a pearl belokamennogo architecture – a Holy Protection temple on Nerli. From the foot bridge to church on foot – 1786 metres, not everyone « vip » will master.

to Drive on a meadow it was possible and earlier. Officially – once in a year, on epiphany when in staritse at a temple arrange an ice-hole. All reserved meadow, and is 190 hectares, becomes a parking …   And informally – on a meadow too go, through « the black bridge » having agreed with watchmen. Behind a temple after all a beach! On paths carry also tourists – on horse vehicles. Now this path will be transfigured: when « a pillow » roads it will be ready, it will lay out a stone blocks, and along the edges will build in illumination – in a cloth, lanterns will be antivandalnymi and water-proof that is actual for a deluged meadow.

the project Device was supposed the project, it and now can be found on a site « the white house ». Extent – 1826 metres (today name other figure - about 900 metres), budget cost if to believe electronic documents   – 17 million. Expensive toy was reserved by the Gorki railway, build it under the state program of development of tourism, and by the end of autumn plan to finish. However, much other scale projects on a meadow &ndash are memorable; the foot track initially costing 3,6 million and « grown » to 8 million, and also the foot bridge over/ d ways, whose estimate also grew in building process. So about the price of new road today providently keep mum. Obviously one: the cheap asphalt path on a meadow would not look.

On it works on a meadow will not end. It is necessary to illuminate a temple and to clean a bottom staritsy before it. It is interesting, a leah will remember other part of the project: according to the same section of a site of regional administration, « in order to avoid accidents also it is necessary to establish on a route course benches and urns in a shade of bushes and the trees, executed under natural elements of a landscape »? With shops, urns, bushes and trees on a meadow while tugovato.