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The vladimirskiy teacher - who it?

who it - « Marivanna » which we every year for nine months trust the most expensive, what at us is - our children?

Having used statistics of department of the education, published on the eve of new academic year, we have tried to make a portrait of the typical vladimirskiy teacher. However, as it is known just from a school course (though biology take, though history...) « the typical representative » in a reality does not exist is the certain abstraction helping better to understand and imagine a subject. Actually the school keeps not on typical « Marivannah » and on hundreds and thousand talented and keen teachers, for which work with children - meaning of the life. But all - taki is interesting - what it, « the teacher in a cut »? And at the same time - that from itself the typical pupil and typical school of Vladimir region represents?

the Teacher - elderly, but skilled

All in Vladimir region 9415 teachers.

68 percent from them work at city schools, the others - in rural.

88,5 % of teachers - women.

Almost 70 % of teachers have worked at school of more than 20 years.

85 % of school teachers - are more senior 35 years, from them about a quarter - and at all pensioners.

Chances of a rejuvenation at school are. By data last academic year, almost 70 percent of young experts which have come to school in 2007, in 2010 still worked in it. And four years ago from school, without having finished three years, 40 percent of graduates left almost.

However, figures very much differ in different cities - in Vladimir at school is late hardly more half of young teachers, in Iridescent - only 40 percent. But in the remote areas « zakrepljaemost » - 100 %, do not leave schools. It and is clear - where there will find other work with more - less decent and, the main thing, the stable salary?

Receive the teacher for the hard work about 12 thousand roubles a month (the data for last academic year, from the new should become more). The highest teacher`s salaries in a city Iridescent and Kameshkovsky area - about 17 thousand roubles, the lowest - in Gorohovetsky area (it is less than 7000 roubles).

and their assistants receive the Director of schools essentially more. It is Sometimes very essential. If in Vladimir rupture in the salary of the ordinary teacher and the director comprehensible – 23 - 24 thousand at the director against 12 - 13 thousand at the teacher, in Sudogodsky, for example, absolutely indecent. The salary of the ordinary teacher there one of the lowest in area - 10 thousand a month. But directors of schools receive nearly most in region - 29 - 30 thousand roubles a month - three times more than the simple teacher. In the same rather poor Gorohovetsky area at directors the salary - 25 thousand, in three with superfluous time above, than at the private soldier « school front ». Almost the same in Petushinsky area - 23 thousand at the director against 7,5 thousand at the teacher.

the work Experience

Less than 2 years - 3,5 %

From 2 till 5 years - 3,2 %

from 5 till 10 years - 5,6 %

from 10 till 20 years - 23,9 %

over 20 years - 63,8 %.

the Age

is younger than 25 years of 4,1 %

25 - 35 years of 10,9 %

35 - 55 years of 63,3 %

pension age of 21,6 %.

Whom learn?

All children of school age - 235900

From them orphans and children without parental support - 3,3 %.

schools in area - 422

From them rural - 236

Schoolboys in area - 116727

From them study at rural schools - 20836 (17,8 %).

It is liquidated schools in area over the last 5 years - 52.

2005               2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 (1 semi@)

9               8             7         7         10         10       1

And more some tens schools « it is reorganised » - that is it is attached or merged with other schools.

Average of pupils in a class - 20 - 28 persons (city school).

Average cost of the maintenance of one class a year - 707 thousand roubles.


Under the forecast for 2012, at schools and area kindergartens will be 324   vacancies for teachers and tutors. Mathematics teachers and physicists (34 vacancies), initial classes - 30 vacancies, biology and chemistry - 27 vacancies, foreign languages - 26 vacancies will be the most demanded. Less all schools need social teachers, defektologah - logopedists and teachers FROM (as it is paradoxical, on these specialities in university usually happens the biggest competition). But the greatest problem - with tutors in gardens. Them next year 92 persons are required in addition at least.