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You like to watch TV? Win a microwave and popkorn!

Like to gather the big company at the TV? With pleasure look programs about travel and adventures, surprising discoveries and unique inventions. Then you cannot participate in the joint action « and Discovery Channel. It is necessary to answer only a question on motives of transfer Atlas Discovery: Opening of France

What of the well-known architectural constructions of France it was initially planned as a time structure?

1. Tour d`Eiffel

2. Louvre

3. Notre Dame de Paris

the Right answers send in SMS - the letter on editorial number 8 - 952 - 848 - 88 - 88. All questions will be six. First six persons whom it is correct on them will respond, leave in the end of August in the ending and will battle for a prize - a microwave and a set popkorna.

Look the program Atlas Discovery: Opening of France on July, 30th in 12. On July, 25th and 31 in 15. 10.