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How to get the driver`s licence without training in driving school? A leah

probably now to pass on the rights without attending lectures? Also what for this purpose it is required?


the legislation Operating today such possibility does not exclude the Kemerovo area. To examinations on reception of the driver`s licence of categories And and In the persons are supposed, had training preparation in educational institutions or is independent. In this case the candidate for drivers should show following documents in the State traffic inspectorate:

- the statement;

- the passport or other document proving the identity;

- the document confirming check in of the candidate in drivers in a residence or in a place of abiding (in the presence of check in);

- the medical inquiry;

- the driver`s licence (if earlier stood out);

- the receipt (payment order) on the sum of 800 roubles on payment of the state duty for passing examinations.

I Will add what independently to seize confident skills of driving by transport difficult enough. It confirms also the statistican of passing examinations with this category of candidates. If with a theoretical part from the first consults about half of candidates at driving delivery this indicator makes no more than 5 %. I do not think that training to driving on what it is possible and needs to be saved it, after all in many respects on level of your knowledge and abilities in the future will depend not only your security, but also security of associates.

Who should pay for the soiled roads?

Carried wet sand from an open-cast mine, water flew down on proezzhuju a part, employees of traffic police have stopped, have written out the penalty for road pollution. I loaded the car not, and the car the worker and on whom have written out the penalty - on me or on firm - the legal body, not clearly. Who should pay this penalty?

According to traffic regulations to participants of traffic the covering of roads is forbidden to hurt or pollute V.V.Kemerovo. For the given infringement by article 12. 33 Codes about administrative offences of the Russian Federation are provided punishment in the form of the penalty. And in responsibility can be involved both physical, and official and legal bodies.

At infringement revealing it is direct during movement the inspector makes an administrative material on the driver, the penalty in this case will be 1500 roubles. Subsequently, on the basis of this material, in responsibility can be involved both official, and the legal body, admitted creation of conditions for fulfilment of the given offence. In this case penal sanctions it is considerable above: For officials the penalty sum makes 5000 roubles, for legal - 200 000 roubles.

Where to learn about penalties without the aid of the Internet?

I have a car, but there are no rights, and the car is driven by proxy. Tell how to learn, please, presence of penalties of traffic police on I wash the car? Tried it to make on a site gosuslugi . ru , but there it is required to enter not only car state number, but also number of the driver`s licence which at me is not present and never was. A leah is any other way to learn about debts?

Evgenie, Kemerovo

to learn quantity of the imposed collectings and the debts sum, to the proprietor of the car is necessary to be converted into the Center of security of traffic to the address: Bauman`s street, 59. The Center Operating time: daily with 8. 30 to 17. 30, without a lunch break, the day off - Sunday. At itself it is necessary to have the passport and the documents confirming the property right to the car.