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Bacterial vaginoz: treatment or crucifying?

the problem bacterial vaginoza is at the moment rather actual – as the quantity of sick women steadily raises. According to statistics this disease suffers affliction from 25 to 30 % of women, more often at the age from 35 till 40 years.

Recently bacterial vaginoz occupies 30 - 50 % among all pathologies of a vagina. In many cases disease proceeds bessimptomno and only at a part of the diseased the main symptom &ndash is shown; unpleasant « fish » a smell vydeleny. A leah

It is dangerous to health bacterial vaginoz? – we learn from the doctor - Asya Norajrovny Grigoryan`s gynecologist ( « the International medical centre Medikal It Grup Nizhni Novgorod ») .

– Asya Norajrovna, as always our conversation will concern the most precious and fragile – female health. Tell, what such bacterial vaginoz?

Bacterial vaginoz – this infringement of normal microflora of the vagina, characterised by deficiency laktobaktery and increase in quantity of pathogenic microorganisms. Bacterial vaginoz creates favorable conditions for occurrence of various infectious processes in a vagina.

– On what symptoms the woman can suspect at itself the given disease?

Frequently a unique symptom bacterial vaginoza are plentiful allocation from a vagina of white or grey colour with a specific unpleasant smell of rotten fish. The smell considerably amplifies after sexual intercourse or to, during time menstruatsii. In more rare occurences of the woman show complaints to burning and an itch in the field of a vulva and a vagina. Also are possible discomfort or pains during sexual contact (dispareunija), infringement mocheispuskanija. However, more than in 50 % of cases, bacterial vaginoz can proceed bessimptomno, thus giving such complications as inflammatory diseases of a small basin, a pregnancy pathology, a high susceptibility to sexual infections, a HIV and infitsirovaniju papillomavirusami.

– what is at the bottom of disease development?

Till now the reasons of development bacterial vaginoza up to the end are not found out, illnesses contributing development factors however are established:

– a leah It is dangerous to health bacterial vaginoz?

Pathogenic microorganisms reduce acidity of a vagina, call inflammatory process and get into overlying departments of sexual system – the channel of a neck of a uterus, a uterus, jaichniki, matochnye pipes, increasing risk of development of inflammatory diseases of a small basin (reproductive system and urinogenital ways).

Bacterial vaginoz can lead to barreness or complicate a pregnancy current, can lead to premature birth, a stop in development of the newborn, postnatal endometritu.

From - for decrease in acidity the vagina of the woman becomes easily accessible for infitsirovanija various bacteria. The susceptibility to sexual infections (gonokokki, trichomonads, hlamidii), a HIV - infections raises. At women with bacterial vaginozom higher risk infitsirovanija onkogennymi papillomovirusami is established.

– what methods allow to define disease presence?

For diagnostics bacterial vaginoza it is necessary to conduct following researches:

– How to treat bacterial vaginoz?

the Main thing in treatment bacterial vaginoza – it to exclude all attempts of self-treatment and to be under strict supervision of the attending physician - the gynecologist. Treatment of the given disease consists of several directions:

– you can advise What methods of preventive maintenance to women?

Preventive maintenance bacterial vaginoza consists in the maximum avoiding of risk factors, that is the reasons of development of illness. It is necessary to observe strictly rules of hygiene of genitals, in due time to treat inflammatory diseases of urinogenital bodies, to exclude abusing in treatment by antibiotics, correctly to eat, carry convenient linen from natural materials.

Remember! Reproductive health – this biggest female happiness! When it is, it do not notice, but when it is lost, apparently, that only we have not given, that it to return! Protect the « female happiness »!

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