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oblysenie?! It is loss - losses!

hair with since the old days were considered as a symbol of vital force and energy. Now hair   have lost the mystical role – but remained an ornament and a subject of pride of the person. And for men hair of the woman are also powerful sexual stimulus. However the fear before oblyseniem at men is stronger, than work loss, and only fear before an impotence overtakes it on force of emotions. For women external appearance of the man does not play so important role.

Sergey Valerevich Shavelsky, the doctor - dermatovenerolog (the International medical centre « medikal It Grup - Nizhni Novgorod ») .

On the statistican in Russia three from four persons suffer affliction diseases of a head skin and hair. The most widespread problem – this hair fall and oblysenie.

the Reasons of loss of hair much, we will stop on such disease, as alopetsija. With questions on problems alopetsii and its treatments it is reversible to the doctor - dermatovenerologu. Only it can define the true reason and appoint to you the necessary preparation for struggle against this disease.

–   Loss of hair – it is a serious psychological problem for any person. Tell, what such alopetsija and why people lose hair?

do not tell. Knowingly speak: « how much people, how much and opinions ». For someone a bald head – it is an image part! But for the majority, here I will agree with you, it is the big trouble and even tragedy.

Alopetsija – it is process pathological a hair fall at which the organism has not time to compensate loss of all dropped out hair. And if to speak a simple language, alopetsija – it oblysenie.

happens so that in « More often; one perfect day » the person notices that it hair have thinned . I want to notice that process oblysenija not always begins with a hair fall . Often enough they become simply more thin, making impression of reduction of volume of a hairdress.

On a human body about five millions hair sacks or a follicle, and on a head from 100000 to 150000 follicle. Average rate of growth of hair of a head – from one heel to an inch quarter in a month. Each person loses in day on the average from 50 - ti to 150 - ti hair, and it is considered norm. Hair drop out and grow again throughout all life. About alopetsii it is possible to speak, if normal loss of hair is not filled, or the quantity of the lost hair starts to exceed a normal limit.

Disease to the same extent amazes both men, and women. At 80 % of patients disease proceeds in the form of an individual episode, proceeds from 3 till 6 months then growth of hair is restored. However at 20 % disease carries retsidivirujushchy character and can last for years or lead proof oblyseniju.

– For certain alopetsija as many other diseases of a skin, some versions have, tell about them …

Depending on severity level allocate: ochagovuju alopetsiju (absence of hair in the form of separate sites), diffuznuju alopetsiju (sharp poredenie hair) and total alopetsiju (a full hair fall).

On clinical features and an origin allocate: congenital, premature, seborejnuju, symptomatic, gnezdnuju (or ochagovuju) and cicatricial alopetsii. I will tell more in detail …

Congenital alopetsija meets seldom and it is shown poredeniem hair or their total absence. It is usually combined with others ektodermalnymi defects, such as the dystrophy of nails, teeth and so forth

Premature alopetsija develops gradually. Usually the hair fall begins in frontal and parietal areas, further process covers other sites volosistoj head parts. The given kind alopetsii is observed at men of middle age more often. To achieve scalp restoration very hard, but it is possible to slow down a hair fall considerably.

Seborejnaja alopetsija develops against seborei . Illness is characterised diffuznym poredeniem hair and accompanied by a peeling of the skin raised by greasiness of hair, an itch.

Symptomatic alopetsija develops as a result of an intoxication at hard proceeding sharp and chronic infectious diseases, for example, a syphilis, diseases of system of blood, endokrinnyh infringements, an avitaminosis, after the delivery, operative interventions, toxic influences. At symptomatic alopetsii the scalp is in most cases restored at elimination of a cause of illness.

At gnezdnoj or ochagovoj alopetsii there are round or oval sites oblysenija basically on volosistoj head parts, but can be mentioned and other areas, for example, beards, eyebrows, eyelashes, axillary hollows and lobka. On periphery of the centres oblysenija hair are not steady and at not strong potjagivanii can drop out small bunches. Expansion of the centres oblysenija can lead to their merge in one site. Such symptoms are observed at a secondary syphilis, dermatofitii, diskoidnoj red volchanke, traumatic alopetsii and trihotillomanii.

cicatricial alopetsija – this absence of growth of hair in the field of cicatricial changes of a skin also occurs from - for destructions of a hair follicle and replacement by its cicatricial fabric. The given disease is observed often at red volchanke, deep pustulous and fungoid defeats of a skin.

– What reasons of a hair fall at alopetsii?

lead to a hair fall the set of factors at which influence the normal cycle of ability to live of a hair follicle is broken can:

– It is known that at women hair thin often and drop out after the delivery. With what it is connected?

In some cases it is not necessary to confuse the reason to a consequence. So, for example, during pregnancy a female organism is overflowed ekstrogenami (female sexual hormones) which extend life cycle of hair, increasing and their quantity, and also interfere with growth of hair on a chin and so forth Thus after the delivery when level ekstrogenov falls, hair start to drop out that naturally calls strong trouble.

– How to rescue mankind from oblysenija? Really to struggle with alopetsiej it is possible only a hair transplant?

Unfortunately, alopetsija concerns diseases steady enough against treatment. But a hair transplant – it is far not the most effective, and the main thing, not the cheapest method in struggle for a beautiful thick hair. In - the first, this procedure not much « on a pocket » and in - the second, the replaced hair can and not get accustomed, then how to be told, « money for a wind, and to sense any ».

Also I want you to warn: the amazing belief of people in miracle preparations from oblysenija has led to occurrence of a large quantity of every possible means which at the best are purely cosmetic and, at least, will not bring to you harm. It concerns also the preparations based on application BUD (biologically active additives). Frequently in treatment alopetsii use kortikosteroidnuju therapy. But, besides, that the use of steroids fatally influences an organism, the given treatment does not guarantee absence of relapse of disease which can aggravate a status of hair follicles.

Believe, the modern medicine possesses a considerable quantity of various safe preparations for your health and treatment methods oblysenija. But the main thing – treatment should be directed on elimination of the reason of development alopetsii and proceed before restoration of growth of hair. Therefore the patient should be adjusted that disease long and for positive effect achievement should take place enough considerable quantity of time. A beautiful thick hair – dream not only each woman, but also each man! My advice: if you feel that hair on a head thin, do not wait, when « will burst a thunder » be converted to the doctor - to the dermatologist and begin all necessary procedures. Let your hair will be healthy!

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