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Sarai Dzhesika Parker has met the girlfriend in Moscow - the Brazilian

Visit of the known actress to Moscow was rich for it not only   impressions of survey of capital sights, but also was marked by an unexpected meeting with the old acquaintance - singer Gabrielloj.

the Hot Brazilian comes from Rio - de - Zhanejro, but 2 years enjoys wide popularity in Russia and pleases local admirers with frequent visits. The first meeting Parker and Gabrielly has occurred at studio in New York where Gabriella conducts work on the album. And what surprise for Parker was to see the old acquaintance on the reception devoted to visit of the actress to Moscow.  

It is remarkable that the singer from Brazil and the actress from America have met in the Russian capital. On reception in honour of its arrival there was a large quantity wishing to communicate to a star of Hollywood, but vigilant protection   admitted to the actress of even not all Russian celebrities. But when the Sarai has seen among visitors of Gabriellu, has there and then hastened to it c expression of genuine surprise on the person. Having exchanged salution, beauties have agreed in the following visit of Gabrielly to New York to find from the busy schedules of more time for dialogue.