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Behind health - to Krasnodar territory!

everyone knows that that best rest that brings health. Therefore good health resorts were appreciated at all times. Today to search for a place where it is possible to take pleasure not simply in beauty of the nature, but also to receive qualitative medical aid, it is not necessary. All year long for having a rest from different corners of the country sanatorium doors « are opened; Mineral ».

the Health resort which has won glory since 1958, has settled down among woods and mounts of majestic caucasus in small ujutnomgorode Hadyzhensk of Krasnodar territory. Here there is all necessary for high-grade rest and treatment.

the Main mammon of sanatorium - jodobromnaja the mineral water which analogues are not present, perhaps, all over the world. On it   to a basis the richest medical base is created. Skilled doctors - kurortologi will pick up individual programs of treatment at various diseases for everyone having a rest. In the basic list of profiles of treatment: Diseases endokrinnoj and nervous systems, oporno - the impellent device, it is warm - vascular, skin and ginekologicheskiezabolevanija.

it is important that before to be engaged in your healing, you here at first will test - by means of unique   the computer device « the Omega - M ». The new information technology of biological processes is put In a method basis - fraktalnaja nejrodinamika. She allows to carry full investigation of an organism, to estimate its status and to supervise the further treatment.

Sredisposbov of treatment in « Mineral » are popular jodobromnye the baths relieving of diseases endokrinnojsistemy, skin diseases, weariness and stresses. Help at diseases opornodvigatelnogo the device unique medical oil which here apply in a kind naftalanovyh greasings can. The decision of many problems connected with health, is ozonoterapija - not medicamentous method of treatment oxygen with an ozone additive.

the Rejuvenating effect will be swept up after application of masks from blue clay, mineral water and broth of medicinal grasses.

One more pride of a health resort - an office girudoterapii. The effect of treatment is known for a long time for bloodsuckers all over the world therefore procedure enjoys wide popularity at having a rest.

Patients in « Mineral » treat ultrasound, currents and an ultra-violet irradiation. A physiotherapeutic complex « Magnitor - INT » has favorable influence both on separate parts of a body, and on all organism.

a phytofont Office (influence by the hot steam sated with active substances of herbs in a cedar butt) helps at deducing of slags from an organism, improves microcirculation and raises elasticity of a skin. Here procedure favourite by beauties « is spent; Obertyvanie chocolate a cream - a mask » splitting fatty cages and raising a skin tone. For those who wants to get rid of excess weight, in sanatorium is obertyvanija seaweed. Procedure is especially effective after phytofont reception. Physiotherapy exercises and individually picked up diet - also work wonders.   for high-grade rest in sanatorium there are billiard and training halls, own library, a sauna, a tennis court and a volleyball platform. It will be pleasant to fans of productive leisure незабываемыe excursions on picturesque corners of Krasnodar territory.