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Mortgage: on the first - the second pay off!

in Russia there was a long-term strategy of development of mortgage housing crediting. Analysts AIZHK have counted up that by 2015 the quantity of housing credits given out for a year will increase in 2,5 times. The Chelyabinsk experts already observe an agiotage in the mortgage market: in it contribute both the lowered rates, and occurrence of new building sites.

Here that tells statistican AIZHK: by data for 2010, the share of families which under force to take a mortgage loan, has made 19,8 percent (301 thousand person). To 2015 30 percent of Russians can buy habitation by means of a mortgage. In nine years (by 2020) the mortgage becomes accessible to 50 percent of inhabitants of the country, that is it takes every second family.

Dynamically should grow and quantity of mortgage loans given out for a year. In 2012 banks will give out for 38,5 percent of housing credits more than in 2010. By 2015 the quantity of housing credits given out for a year will increase in 2,5 times, and by 2020 for a year a mortgage will give to 868 thousand borrowers. As a result the share of transactions with a mortgage in the habitation market will make 40 percent.

the Declared indicators will develop in four directions: stimulation of the primary and secondary markets of a mortgage, increase of efficiency of the market of a mortgage and decrease tranzaktsionnyh costs, and also working out of special mortgage programs for some social groups: young and large families, military, young scientists.

According to the director for marketing and competitive selection of JUU KZHSI of Natalia Pollack, the market has not come nearer to figures of pre-crisis 2008 yet, but a tendency optimistical – delivery of mortgage loans grows. For example, last year thanks to own mortgage program of corporation growth under the given out loans has reached 245 percent in relation to 2009. « Only for the first half of the year 2011 we have given out 74 percent of loans from previous year total amount. These indicators basically are caused by a great demand on apartments in microdistrict « Park ». Under forecasts of experts, the basic volume of delivery of mortgage loans in JUU KZHSI is necessary on the second half of the year » – the expert marks.

the director of the company speaks About a tendency to growth of number of mortgage borrowers « also; the Credit broker » Igor Semenenko. The basic changes which involve people, – decrease in rates, and also possibility of use of the parent capital as an initial payment which has appeared in August of current year. « these conditions, undoubtedly, will lead to growth of volumes of the market, but the further increase will depend not so much on offers of banks, how much from an economic situation in the country, – the interlocutor argues. – By the way, borrowers too pay attention recently to a situation in the country, count the forces and approach to crediting more responsibly. Three years ago a mortgage took, without deliberating what ».

the Mortgage market develops actively, confirms the statistican of the Central bank of the Russian Federation. So, the volume of the given out mortgage loans for July, 1st, 2011 has made 268,6 billion roubles. In the first half of the year 2010 of housing credits it has been given out almost twice less – 133,4 billion roubles. For all last year Russians have received 378,9 billion roubles.

But also the debts on mortgage loans too have increased. For passed half a year the volume of the delayed credits has grown on 700 million roubles and has made 42,3 billion roubles. The volume of the general debts has increased on 90,5 billion roubles and is estimated in 1 trillion 219,9 billion roubles.

the Volume of the housing credits which have been given out to the South Ural borrowers, for last year has grown almost twice. According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for July, 1st, it has made 6,979 billion roubles. For the similar period of 2010 inhabitants of the Chelyabinsk area took credits for the sum of 3,923 billion roubles. The number of mortgage debtors too has grown: the volume of the delayed credits has increased for passed year with 1,206 to 1,392 billion roubles. The general debts on a mortgage have made in 2011 33,55 billion roubles. For seven months 2010 this indicator was estimated in 29,951 billion.

According to management of Rosreestra on the Chelyabinsk area, for the first half of the year 2011 27 793 transactions with attraction of mortgage loans (it about 7,7 percent from total number of the registered transactions) have been registered. For first six months 2010 the quantity of such transactions on area has reached to 18 573.

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