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5 questions on sight of the schoolboy

with eyes suffer affliction From various problems approximately 15 percent of pupils. The basic - short-sightedness. How not to spoil eyes at lessons and after employment, our experts tell.

How much to watch TV...

the Main non-staff expert - ophthalmologist Minzdravsotsrazvitija of the Russian Federation, d. M. n., the professor, the director of the Moscow scientific research institute of eye illnesses of a name of Gelm - goltsa Vladimir neroev gives advice to parents and schoolboys

- At work on the computer or TV viewing in a room the lamp or a room should burn necessarily should be shined well through a window.

- Children till 7 years cannot watch TV longer 30 - 40 minutes in day. At more advanced age - to 1,5 - 2 hours.

the Distance to the TV screen should be not less than 2 - 3 metres.

- it is possible to sit At the computer also that less. 7 - 9 - to summer children - about 15 minutes in day. For children this time is more senior 10 years lead up gradually about one hour per day, with obligatory breaks.


... And to read

- At reading the book is on distance not less than in 30 sm from eyes. Book pages should be well and are in regular intervals shined from above and at the left, at the same time it is better to head and child`s face to remain in the shadow.

- Books for reading of younger schoolboys should be issued correctly: a soft background, letters should not be white on a black or colour background, a font only with notches, big fields, uppercase letters not less than 4 mm.

- Pervoklashkam it is necessary to alternate employment to walks. Do not do simultaneously five lessons. Honoured - take a walk, drew - leave for some minutes on street.

- To be engaged better and with the basic illumination, and with a desk lamp.

- Is better, if a table we will it is as much as possible free from superfluous subjects not to distract attention. Necessarily clean all subjects creating patches of light or bright reflexions.

- Watch, that the child did not stoop, did not approach too strongly the book to eyes (more close, than on 30 sm). And, naturally, did not read lying.

That it is better to eat

About the balanced food for the schoolboy ears have buzzed not only pediatrists and dieticians. Ophthalmologists too are actively connected. What it is important to remember before the beginning of academic year to help sight to cope with loadings?

- Feed up the child vitamin complexes with ljuteinom and antotsianinom - the main eye substances.

- Crude carrot with cream or sour cream nobody cancelled. It is possible to add in it raisin.

- calcium Is obligatory. It is important not only for stones, but also for a connecting fabric which forms the eyeball form. At its growth a fabric istonchaetsja, and calcium helps it to save elasticity and durability.

- Try to limit the sweet. On one of theories, from - for superfluous insulin the eyeball starts to grow in blood too quickly. And it can provoke short-sightedness.

- feed up the child naipoleznejshimi for an eye vegetables and fruit in the Autumn: fresh cabbage, a beet, apricots, a persimmon.

- And within all year give grechku and oranges more often. A leah

It is possible to carry lenses?

- On a broader scale - that contact lenses not so recommend to children, - the children`s ophthalmologist, expert MNTK of microsurgery of an eye of Fedorova Lyudmila POTAPOV speaks. - despite modern technologies, that every year all become more thin a lens and are more gas-permeable, they nevertheless limit oxygen access to eyes.

But if the child hesitates to wear glasses updating of sight is better for spending by means of lenses. It is possible to begin though with 6 - 7 years. But it is desirable for children not to carry a lens for days on end. The the carrying period will be shorter, the it will be easier to eyes.

the Basic problem with lenses at children - schooling of the child to hygiene. It is necessary, that he necessarily washed hands before to put on or remove lenses. Did not rub eyes, tried not to concern with fingers of eyes in the street. If the child is all can make, lenses can be carried though since five years. It is better to give preferences to daily lenses, with the maximum gas permeability.

If simply are tired...

- If you notice that under eyes the child quite often has swellings or dark circles, descend to the doctor is can be a symptom of occurrence of nervous diseases, - the ophthalmologist warns ARUTYUNOV`S Hope. - but more often such arises from a sleep debt.

to put the inflamed eyes in order lotions from infusion of a camomile, mint, lime colour will help. Most simple - after school of minutes ten to take on centuries the wadded tampons moistened with strong cold tea.

If see that the child comes from school with « become drowsy » Tired eyes, play with it in « beauty shop »: make on eyelids a mask of a mix of 2 teaspoons of a polished crude potato, 2 teaspoons of a flour and 2 teaspoons of milk. Means simple, but effective.

the gymnastics

Teachers too are necessary to Eyes and ophthalmologists advise obligatory gymnastics for eyes. It is possible to do it on peremenkah or at home. But not less than two times a day. These exercises strengthen muscles and allow eyes to have a rest.

For elementary grades:

- Most exercise is simple - strong to screw up eyes, then to open, repeat some times.

- to Describe eyes circles in one and in other party.

- Lean back on a chair back, deeply sigh. And on an exhalation bend to a school desk, it is possible even to rest a forehead against a table-top.

- Rest hands in boki so that stuck out lokotki. Then turn a head to the left, having looked at one elbow, to the right - on another.

- Measure 20 sm from itself and put on this point, for example, a case. Make five steps (5 met ­ a ditch) also notice a point on this distance. Now sit down and look alternately at a case and on a point in the distance.

For schoolboys is more senior exercise on massaging of eyelids - not strongly is added, but aloud press on eyeballs, as though doing acupressure.

it is important!

do not pass symptoms

- if the kid shchuritsja, looking at remote subjects,

- it is low declined over a table when reads or draws,

- often stumbles and drops subjects,

- tries to sit down more close to the TV,

- constantly declines a head on one side,

- eyes more often slezjatsja.

All these symptoms - a serious occasion to visit the ophthalmologist.


How to issue a nursery without harm for sight

Ophthalmologists advise to change design of a nursery, when the kid will go to school to help sight to cope with loadings. Advice from ophthalmologist Nadezhdy Arutjunovoj.

1. Certainly, the room should be well shined. If there is no natural illumination, bright basic light and dot lamps, including desk lamps, a sconce is necessary.

2. The room should be the light, sustained in soft warm or green tones.

3. Avoid small drawing: it irritates, does not allow to focus an unprepared sight of the child at something one and often creates soil for the spoilt sight in the future.

4. Thus wall-paper without drawing also is not recommended: there is nothing to stop an eye, to concentrate, train children`s sight.

5. Is better wall-paper with large drawing will approach. But nevertheless it is desirable not animated heroes who will distract from study, and geometrical forms or a flower ornament. Is better to choose drawing together with the child. Or even to allow most to ornament walls.

6. Avoid brightly - poisonous combinations: yellow with crimson, red with blue, green with violet and etc.

English designers of Melani and John Ejvis for stimulation of intelligence and the best zapominaemosti a material advise to add in an interior « quiet » background colours:

- soft grey colour - contribute in creative mood;

- shades red, are closer to colour of the earth or, to the contrary, difficult - cranberry or colours of wine - help to stimulate cerebration;

- snezhno - white, colour of cinnamon and a clover - for contemplative mood.

Exercises for sight preservation.