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Vladimir Bykov for a year has passed from a category troechnikov in horoshisty

Fund « the Petersburg policy » has made the second rating of political influence of mayors of cities. Have estimated work of 202 heads of cities and heads of administrations.

Political influence of mayors estimated by an expert estimation on 5 - a mark scale, where « 1 » - the minimum influence, « 5 » - maximum.

the Five - the higher estimation   - have put to only eight mayors (Makhachkala, Joshkar - Oly, Novorossisk, Omsk and Kolomna situated near Moscow, Podolsk, Noginsk and Ramensky). And here the two have received at once 28 heads.

the Mayor of Kirov Vladimir Bykov has received the four . And its subordinate, and. An island of the head of administration of Kirov Dmitry Dranyj, too has got the same point.

By the way, last year in a rating Vladimir Bykov got for work - a three . That is for a year the assessment of works of the mayor has grown.

By what criteria there passed an estimation

Key criteria of an estimation of political influence of heads of cities:

Personal popularity and ability to political management;

Ability to balance elite conflicts;

the Term of appointment (termination approach is one of the reasons of decrease in an estimation);
Duration of abiding in a post (taking into account installation of the federal authorities on personnel rotation);

Control over decision-making (experts of a rating aspired to give different estimations to the mayor and city - to the manager to define who from them is conceived in a city as « main » a figure);

Relations with governors. Dependence of mayors on heads of regions continues to increase. Nevertheless, as shows experiment of heads of Omsk and Vladivostok, the conflict to regional administration not necessarily involves immediate resignation;
Results on prajmeriz. As a whole good results are a positive sign. However on occasion elections in the State Duma can minister the tool for replacement of head through its transfer in federal parliament (Krasnoyarsk, Yaroslavl);

Federal encouragement (presence at a personnel reserve, participation in large actions of federal level);

Gravity of claims from law enforcement bodies;

Absence of negative news from a city.

That is than it is more at the mayor of conflicts to political elite, the governor, pravoohraniteljami, the it is less than decisions accepts, the more low at it an estimation in a rating.

Kirovchane, and you would put what estimation to the mayor of Kirov and why?

Opinions kirovchan

Dmitry Darovsky, the lawyer:

- Judging by that in parks of Kirov has appeared vaj - faj that became purer, than, for example, one year ago, I with « the four » has agreed. But here that in a city on - former many garbage, it, of course, a failure of our city power. It more low, than « four ». Even on a three does not pull. Though, know, objectively to judge difficult. To abuse, of course, the people loves, but here I not began estimate in this case categorically supposedly all badly in our city. No. A quiet quiet town, in which as at everything, is both the pluses, and the minuses.

Voroshilov`s Anna, the bookkeeper:

- Well I above a three would not put. Well judge for yourself:   Roads are not present, water is not present, public health services in a deplorable state. What can be the four troechka and that with the big tightness.

Zhuravlyov`s Anna, the teacher:

- And I here consider that actually the city for a year was transfigured in the best I will shift   - became expensive better, court yard repair. So that the head of Kirov has risen in a rating   it is quite fair. Certainly, to level of the governor it yet does not hold out, but results are. So forward, Vladimir Vasilevich, give all together we will make so that next year to you have put « perfectly ».