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Why children in Kaliningrad have ceased to play vojnushku and prjatki

At you in a court yard children play? In « the presents » collective games - with the rules driving? There, where I live, such for a long time was not present. Children leave in a court yard to go for a drive on bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollers. Unless the small still sometimes with pistols - automatic machines will run about, in classics will jump or in prjatki will play. But also that - rules plainly do not know, and all at them without a spark, inertly.

Posprashivav of acquaintances, was found out that near their houses - the same picture.

- If not I and my neigbour woman Shura, my daughter and its friends would sit all the summer long about the computer, - my schoolmate Natasha Kuzemko is convinced. - We, adults, leave in a court yard and we learn to their games. The main thing that it takes away not too a lot of time. Time - two has shown, has explained, and you see that at children all turns out, it is interesting to them.

Where games, in what cities leave? Why to present children the entertainments are uninteresting, which else recently were so are popular? After all all it not « from above went down » carefully stored traditions, have improved old games, thought out the new.

- In my opinion, here there are some aspects, - Elena Boldyreva, the teacher - the psychologist of Pravdinsky high school speaks . - One of them - from 90 - h has been lost years so-called « institute of domestic friendship » when more senior children played football, Cossacks - robbers, an elephant, prjatki. And younger children at first observed of games, and then became active participants. The second moment. A competition to domestic games make the TV with set of channels interesting to children and telecasts, the computer with games, the Internet. And all it against decrease in communicative competence of modern children (better to say, ability decrease effectively to communicate). Though there is no saying that the reason that a consequence: children are not able to communicate, therefore sit in front of the TV or the computer or to the contrary - that sit in front of the TV or the computer since early years do not learn effectively to co-operate with contemporaries.

By the way, sitting in front of the TV and the computer to no small degree is contributed by the parents, which look many TV or indulge children, buying it computer games, allowing them to sit in front of the computer inadmissibly long. Often the parent thinks: let plays,   but is at home, does not wander anywhere, anything in it terrible is not present and later we any more in a status will cope with unhealthy hobby of the child. Aggravates a situation that fact that became less athletic fields, a place where children could play for example, in football. Many court yard have turned to the big parking.  

It is necessary to give due, - taki at times it is possible to see all, how children play amicably in football, in the winter - in hockey. Probably, it is simple among children does not suffice   leaders who could interest contemporaries in these games.

There is such expression: « the fashion dictates … ». And now the fashion dictates: what avatar more abruptly, how much   time you sit « in contact » also as earlier who how much goals have hammered to the next command.    


In what it is possible to teach to play children

« the Baker »

Drew a circle in diameter of centimetres fifty, in the circle centre on a brick set up an empty can. Then on semimeter distance from each other drew seven lines. The most distant from banks – « the soldier » behind it – « the lieutenant » « the captain » « the general » « the marshal » « the prince » « the king ». From « the king » to banks remains metres five.

the Baker (why the baker to remember we in edition and have not managed) chose « kananiem » or so: became at « soldier`s » the lines, everyone put the game stick on a sock and pushed with her foot forward. Whose stick fell most close, that and the baker. It rose near banks. And the others by turns threw sticks from the first line, trying to bring down to bank. To whom it was possible, passed forward and then could throw already since a following boundary.

At last all have thrown. Now players should pick up sticks and to try to push off from here already to bank. The baker protects it. If it touches the stick any who has crossed extreme, « royal » Line (behind it players in security), he knocks down to bank, trying to reject it far away, cries out a name of the new baker, and all rush back. If the newcomer has time to put to bank and again it to bring down – the baker is the one who yet has not crossed « royal » a line. The baker, irrespective of a former rank, turns in « the soldier ».

« Vojnushka »

the Most widespread version: « ours » against « fascists ». After the next demonstration of films of type « CHingachguk the Big Dragon » at once began « vojnushki » between Indians and « kovbojtsami ». Having looked at a picture like « Ballads about valorous knight Ajvengo » boys rushed to do swords, boards, helmets.

More strongly all on not strong minds operated « Three musketeers ». After each display boys stole houses scarce plastic covers for glass jars, made in them a hole, put on a cover a stick – the sword turned out. Fights of musketeers of the king against guardsmen of the cardinal also began to boil. However, musketeers frequently fought even among themselves. Nobody wanted to concede the right to play a role of the main musketeer.

« the Potato »

Become circle and throw each other a ball, using volleyball receptions. Sooner or later someone loses it, sits down in the circle centre. The others start over again to play, someone can « to beat out » sitting in a circle.

Only was more often so. Two strongest players meaningly gave another such givings that you will not take. And then with pleasure « beat out » their one behind other of a circle. Thrashed so that the dust from clothes flied.

However, somebody from the sitting could and catch a flying ball. Then all left a circle. And in the centre sat down what ball has been caught. And it was not necessary to wait for mercy – already it « beat out » from all nonsense …

« the Elephant »

Shared fifty-fifty, defined, to whom to be « an elephant ». Then they rose, having bent, parovozikom, and others jumped on them. The most responsible the problem was at the first. From it it was required to jump as it is possible further. And differently – places will not suffice the rests. If all successfully jumped, « an elephant » should reach with this burden in advance designated boundary. Reached – players changed roles. Collapsed on road – please again to substitute backs.

HAS hooked!

To us suggest to raise Pavlikov Morozovyh

Have presented my five years` daughter Grigory Ostera`s book « Favourite bad advice » (Moscow, « Publishing house Astrel » 2010). This very day we have taken seat to read. Well that can be more ridiculous: « Is not present more pleasantly zanjatja, than in a nose pokovyrjat »? Or « the Coat and a jacket do not carry, socks do not put on, in a frost and slush run out from the house with light baggage » … In a word, at Ostera is what to discuss.

But I have faltered on a couplet: « If all little girls in a class turn back a nose from you, examine the boots and in panties glance ». As very wide advice is given by the author, agree. Also what the unfortunate boy from whom all little girls in a class turn back noses, should see in panties that its mood has improved, the self-estimation has raised, and the main thing - that girls have fallen in love with it?

I have not read daughters and here such rhyme: « If all family to bathe you have gone to the river, do not prevent with mum to sunbathe to the father ashore. Do not arrange shout, allow to adults to have a rest. To anybody without sticking, try to sink ».

Well and the bad advice, which existence by anything it is impossible to explain, sounds so: « the school Address, that in which has had the luck to study as the table umnozhenja remember firmly, by heart, and when you to happen to meet the saboteur, without losing minutes, the school address inform ».

In what an essence of a message of the author to parents and children? I see only one - Pavlikov Morozovyh is offered to raise. In the given context to me Evgenie Grishkovtsa`s position is closer. Remember, it has a recognition that in the childhood he thought often: fascists here will come - I will betray?