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11 - the summer schoolboy from Ufa has broken in failure on rest in Tunis

Long-awaited rest of a family of Jakupovyh in Tunis has ended with tragedy.   during excursion ufimtsy have got to serious road accident.   the car which has unexpectedly jumped out on « ran into a minibus with tourists; vstrechku ». On a malicious twist of fate in failure Jakupovy have seriously suffered only, other passengers have got off with bruises and grazes. The father of family has broken a hand and has dislocated a shoulder, sister Julja has broken a toe. And here Ilgizu has carried most less   - at it the hardest opened cranial - a brain trauma. The boy has fainted, it have accurately taken out from the crumpled bus and have called « neotlozhku ».

- the Help have rendered quickly, thanks to the Tunisian doctors the child remained is live, - Julia Alcheeva, the chief executive « has told; the European tourist insurance » is   the company which made out Jakupovym the insurance.

Nadezhda Petrovna – mum Ilgiza - about tragedy has learnt by phone, at its excursion with native was not, it remained in hotel.  


In the first some hours the family hardly understood that occurs in hospital, after all around all talked on Arabian or French (official languages of Tunis. – a comment red.) . But the situation was rescued by Julja who not bad knows English. Thanks to it in one of hospital Jakupovy branches have found the Russian-speaking doctor.

he has explained them all gravity of a situation: life to the boy have rescued, but the child in a clod, at it a brain hypostasis. The decision on transportation of the boy to Russia was accepted. The Tunisian doctors have resolved transportation, but only special plane of sanitary aircraft. And here there was a notorious financial question: services of the Tunisian physicians were covered with the insurance - from the insurance sum of 20 thousand American dollars (about 600 thousand roubles) at that point in time remains only 12 thousand. And flight cost by the sanitary plane - 42 thousand dollars (about 1,2 million roubles). Naturally such money at parents of Ilgiza was not: mum of the boy owns a hairdressing salon, and the father – the sportsman, is engaged in a judo.

After long negotiations flight from Tunis to Moscow all - taki has been organised. But the sum part should be collected to parents of the child.    

Now Ilgiz is in the Moscow scientific research institute of Urgent children`s surgery and the traumatology, more known as clinic of doctor Roshalja. Doctors estimate a status of the boy as stably heavy, but signs of a hypostasis of a brain began to decrease. The boy reacts to touches - means, it has a chance to rise on feet. However temperature of the child on - former critically high - under forty. Now Jakupovy spend the day and spend the night in the Moscow hospital.

the Ufa friends of the family and schoolmates very much wait for Ilgiza.   the Boy has just entered the fifth class of mathematical school at Oil university, itself has passed all examinations.


In native 16 - j to school Ilgiz – the present star. The boy - the round honours pupil, it simultaneously was engaged in swimming, a judo, chess, and in the mathematician as speak the teacher, – to it was not equal.

- Our Ilgiz always was the present fighter in everything, therefore we believe, it will necessarily get out, - with tears in the face of the first teacher Ilgiza Natalia Tolmatova speaks. - to Children I yet did not tell about it, they will be simply heart-broken, and here after all on first of September …

- We talked to doctors of scientific research institute of Urgent children`s surgery and traumatology in Moscow: Ilgiz in enough grave condition. And at least even a week it will precisely spend in this clinic, – has told «» the Representative by the rights of the child in Bashkiria of Milan of Skorobogatov. – the question on transfer of the boy to Ufa in Republican children`s clinical hospital will be solved then, here it are ready to accept. All will depend on a status of the child.

«»   Watches succession of events and will necessarily tell about destiny of Ilgiza.