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Administratively - technical inspection of the Tver region close?

a question, a leah remain in structure of the government of Management Administratively - technical and Housing inspections (GZHI), correspondents addressed   to the governor of the Tver region Andrey Shevelev.

  – Certainly, we at all do not discuss it. It is registered in the federal legislation, they necessarily should be, - the head of region has responded.  

we Will remind, ATI supervises works in accomplishment sphere, better to say, the inspector watch, that cities and settlements in area always remained pure and tidy. Inspection imposes penalties for unapproved dumps, illegal cutting down of trees, for infringements at carrying out repair and a roadwork and other defects in accomplishment sphere. « we deduce on cleanliness » - the state body motto says.  

However as it was possible to find out « It is not excluded that will already deduce infringers on cleanliness ATI as a part of other department.

  - While official order about cessation of work it is administrative - technical inspection is not present, we work in a former mode, - have explained in ATI.  

As has told « a source close to the government of region, in connection with reorganisation of structure of management by area, most likely, changes will concern and ATI. In a former kind of inspection any more will not be, it will save only a part of the functions and will enter into structure of one of the ministries in the Government which, probably, will carry the name of the ministry of regional control.  

Only figures

it is administrative - technical inspection of the Tver region   has imposed penalties for the sum:

in 2009 - 2 million 690 thousand 900 rbl.  

in 2010 - 3 million 236 thousand 600 roubles

in 2011 - 4 million 729 thousand 250 roubles  

Total:   10 million 656 thousand 750 roubles