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What will be Kaliningrad after end of the world

Ruins and chaos

Apokalipsichesky pictures of Internet users founders of a computer game « have excited; reality Illusion ». The basic actions of a toy occur in Kaliningrad: destroyed, burning, almost not occupied by people.


Royal gate. Approximately such, by the way, we already saw them till 2005 while a monument of architecture have not restored by an anniversary of a city.
a photo: Peter RAZUMOVSKY.

the Artist - designer Peter Razumovsky already has created some images of the most known places of our city. For example, the destroyed building of shopping centre on the areas of Victory or ruins of Royal gate.

- On each photo leaves one and a half month of work, - Peter speaks. – but even more time leaves on material search. After all each my work – these are tens imposed against each other and processed pictures imposed against each other. I search on the Internet of a photo of the ruins, the thrown cities, thickets, rusty cars, something I photograph itself.


the Cathedral church on island.
a photo: Peter RAZUMOVSKY.

Some pictures are already ready. Designers still plan « to mock » over House of Councils, a zoo, the dramatic theatre, separate streets of Kaliningrad. One of the most courageous plots – a crash of airplane on the Cathedral church of the Christ of the Savior on the Victory area. We will look that from this leaves.

Rats and ashes

One more our fellow countryman - writer Vadim Hrappa - too has dreamt up on a subject of ecumenical accident. The protagonist of its book « Chimeras » it appears in the destroyed Kaliningrad. There was an accident, the big explosion and Battura (so call the hero) remains in our city to one of two survived people.

It is resulted most « juicy » citations from the book:

« in dusty a smoke he has seen the Bent farms of the bridge from apart … They one, barefaced there are more houses of inhabited quarters, stuck out over the bared world ».

« Pregel. The bridge as ugly vzdyblennyj the skeleton of any animal stuck out of water. Already it was impossible to name it the river. Water occupied huge space. The left coast Battura did not see, the rest was not identified, however, it was clear – everything that lay below a professorial cemetery and Glappenberga, has sunk. There was no place to go. He has understood that there is no any more only its house, but also the island on which it stood ».

« Having reached the centre, Battura has found out that houses of panel Khruschev`s building, despite them deogotichesky a decor of last years, were not scattered in crumbs, and have developed and became similar to small groups of broken bones of the dominoes, sticking out barrows over brick rubble. On Traghajme, there is no time especially densely sowed by such quarters, even streets » were guessed;.

« Rats for some days so have become impudent that flights shastali directly underfoot Battury, without paying to it attention. It was possible to crush not everyone, they have not lost skill. Battura has thought that from them the quite good dinner if they do not wait human flesh » could turn out;.

« the Pond has improbably spread, having grasped the quays, and wide falls flowed through a dam downwards to deluged Pregelem to Moskovsky prospectus. Probably, other dam has been destroyed, that that stood above, in the street Vrangelja, and has finished Zamkovyj a pond from Top ».

« All has been covered black, beginning to harden, a bark of ashes in the thickness there is more than centimetre. Which - where it has been made a hole by holes of rats. It was not known, on what you will come across, picking it. The sizes and that outline that was under ashes, were guessed badly ».

Opinion of scientists

Unlike people creative, scientists - futurologists have made the forecast of succession of events exclusively on dry calculations. In their opinion if on the earth all people suddenly disappear, the chronology will look so:

2 days – Underground tunnels are filled with water because pumps pumping out it earlier cease to work. Light dies away, and all systems fail. Thermal power stations work until fuel in them will not end.

7 days – the meal in supermarkets, in warehouses and in refrigerators of townspeople Decays.

10 days – pets Die. Only few cats and dogs manage to survive, they leave on streets, run wild.

3 months – to Air pollution the end has come.

6 months – the Wild nature starts to win a city. Small animals appear in streets. Birds lodge in our houses.

1 year – sidewalks Burst, roads and the areas grass also bushes.

1,5 years – destruction of buildings Begins. Roots of trees break walls and roofs of houses, get into the water drain.

10 years – Metal designs have rusted. Many destroyed streets are filled by water.

100 years – Roofs of buildings obrushajutsja. Wooden structures decay.

200 years – bridges Fall, dams are destroyed.

500 years -   the City was filled with woods. Dogs were crossed to wolves. Trees grow between the rests of cars, buildings and metal fragments.

1000 – the Majority of buildings of a brick, concrete and glass disappear.

50000 years – Glass and plastic break up. Existence of the person can be defined only on some archeological finds.

100000 - Concentration of carbonic gas in atmosphere comes back to doindustrialnomu to level.