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Nicolas Lomberts wants to hammer in each match and is daily a pizza

the Championship of Russia - a heartrending experience

Nicolas Lomberts has for ever entered the name gold letters in history of the Petersburg club, having given a goal pass to Paul Pogrebnjaku in a match with « Viljarealom » in 2008. Many experts consider that ball as one of the key moments which have defined total victory sine - is white - blue in an UEFA Cup. For a goal of Lombertsu it was necessary to pay by a serious trauma - in full operation it ran into a bar of gate of the rival. In Northern capital it is not accepted to forget such exploits, and today Nicolas uses at Petersburg torsidy a deserved authority.

- Nicolas, a leah disturb you pains in a knee?

- Is not present. All is already normal. All behind. I Feel fine.

- Level of the present championship of Russia above, than last year?

- I can not tell so definitely. Certainly, there was one more strong club in the Prime minister - league - « Anzhi ». And it becomes stronger and stronger every day. I think that this command can take a worthy place and in the European numbers. Besides, come from the first battalion « Kuban » and « Krasnodar » show very much high quality of game. Therefore I nevertheless tend to that the overall level of the Russian championship this year has raised.

- That becomes defining in rivalry « Zenith » from CSKA in this season: the psychological factor, the physical form or any unknown third component?

- the Psychology and physical readiness, certainly, are important. Also it is necessary to remember that the championship very long. CSKA at first has typed a good course, then hardly has braked. We too type points in opposition with favourites and we lose some points in opposition with « Amkarom ». There is a constant struggle. All time to win very difficult, sometimes there are also points losses. It is a normal course of things. I can tell only that the Russian championship completely not easy walk.

the Polyglot, the lawyer and the football player

In dialogue of Niko - charm. Besides it is clever and formed. The correspondent «» during interview to the Belgian football player it was convinced of it once again.

- you are able and like to score goals. As - that you have mentioned that want to hammer more often.

- I about pleasure would make it in each game and after each giving of the angular! (Laughs.) Who would refuse the such?! Yes, I leave in each match with hope that I will hammer.

- With whom you are on friendly terms in « Zenith »?

- With everyone!

- Where in Petersburg you like to happen?

- In the Hermitage, in Peterhof, in Tsarskoje Selo. Very beautiful places. I like to wander simply there on parks, to stand on a terrace, to rise in a penthouse.

- As to you Petersburg winter?

- It strongly differs from that that in Brugge. In Russia the present winter - strong colds, is a lot of snow. But so even it is pleasant to me more! At the same time happens hot in the summer. A climate various. In Belgium this year many rainy days.

- Nicolas, you know four languages (Flemish, French, German, English. - a comment red.) . You the diplomaed lawyer. And plus to all you are a professional football player. When all be in time?

- Degree of the bachelor of jurisprudence I have received in Belgium. At that occupancy what at me now in Russia, to continue study it is unreal. Now I am completely concentrated on football.

- What sports, besides football, are attractive to you?

- Tennis. In Peter I am not engaged in it, and here in Belgium few times for a week on court got out.

in the Summer Nicolas walked on quays Sen - the Track.
a photo: Timur of KHANS


the Start in life from the Lawyer

Nicolas - the open, smiling and positive guy. Hotly loves the family and immensely respects the Dutch trainer Dika of the Lawyer who, actually, and has given Lombertsu the admission in the big football, having called it from Belgium in the Russian top - club « Zenith ». Kohl as it ljubovno names the Russian fans, high trust has completely justified and became one of the stablest players « bases ».

- What music to you to liking?

- it is pleasant To me dancing. I like to watch work of good DJs. Such, for example, as David Getta. I know that it and in Russia is popular.

- And at cinema there are preferences?

- Some years ago the big impression on me was made by a film « the Gladiator » with Russell Crowe in a leading role. My favourite actor - Sean Connery, tapes with its participation are always interesting for reconsidering. During rest, is simple to relax, I look comedies. The blessing that the Internet now allows to find almost any picture. In Russian still it is difficult to me to understand sense of a film, therefore to cinemas to Russia I do not go.

- As had a rest during a summer pause in the championship?

- Six days we with friends travelled between Sen - the Track and Monaco in French riviera of France. I have spent all remained time in the bosom of the family in Belgium.

- a leah In meal is any affections?

- the Pizza simply necessity. It is necessary to me every day. Also the French rolls are necessary for me. The blessing in Petersburg they are accessible. In general, the usual European meal is required. Still I like everyones small sneki - I know how to cook them with own hand. I can not tell that I the great cook. But a meat piece on fire I will manage to fry.

- a leah Believe in God?

- has not affirmed Yet. I not such the consecutive roman catholic. Regularly to church I do not go. If it is fair, while I do not have confidence of life of God. Perhaps, It is, and can be, and is not present. While I do not know the answer.

- a leah Come in Petersburg into temples and churches?

- It turns out only during the big Christian feasts.

- Who has made the strongest impact on your life?

- My family: the wife of Carolina and parents. And who else? (Reflects.) Dik the Lawyer, certainly! It took me in « Zenith »! After that events in my life have occurred great changes: stability, confidence have come.

the FILE «»

Nicolas Lomberts - the football player, the central defender « Zenith » and modular Belgium.

Was born in Brugge on March, 20th, 1985 (26 years).

the Nickname: the Mountaineer.

Growth: 188 centimetres.

Weight: 83 kgs.

Career: « Gent » (2004 - 2007), « Zenith » (with 2007 - go on the present).

Achievements: the champion of Russia in structure « Zenith » (2007, 2010), the owner of the Supercup of Russia (2008); the owner of an UEFA Cup (2007/ 2008); the owner of the Supercup of UEFA (2008), the bronze prize-winner of the championship of Russia (2009), the owner of the Cup of Russia (2009/ 2010).