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We choose the most useful fish

every morning on weekdays on the First channel Elena Malysheva and it   colleagues - doctors in the program « to Live fine! » give to televiewers a good advice: how correctly to equip the house; what products are useful, and what are harmful; how to warn many diseases   - that is how to live not only çäOğîâî, but also it is healthy.

Not a secret that fish - a product very useful, dietary and tasty. In it the set of vitamins and elements, so necessary for us contains every day. Let`s understand, what fish than is rich and as it correctly to prepare.

the Tuna

In a tuna contains a large quantity of fiber which unlike meat is soaked up and acquired on 95 %. In its structure there is all 8 irreplaceable amino acids for the person. A tuna - one of champions among fishes under the maintenance an omega - 3 and an omega - 6 fat acids. These polynonsaturated fat acids help to lower level of cholesterol and beneficently influence a skin status. Meat of this fish richly also group vitamins In (are responsible for work of our nervous system), and also zinc and phosphorus. In 100 grammes of a tuna only 150 kcal, therefore include it in a dietary food. A tuna it is necessary to prepare no more than 2 minutes. He should be fried thoroughly (it is possible without butter, having added a little waters) from each party no more than 1 minute.

the Trout

As well as a tuna, a trout is contained by phosphorus, an omega - 3 and an omega - 6 polynonsaturated fat acids. In forele group vitamins In, and the main thing, vitamin Â3 (niatsin) - irreplaceable vitamin for appearance skin which improves its tourist`s mounts and elasticity contain. In norm the skin is covered by the person vodno - fatty emulsiej. It forms a film which protects a skin from harmful influences. If in an organism deficiency of fat acids the film is hurt and cannot protect a skin any more. Omega - 3 polynonsaturated fat acids and vitamin B3 contribute in education vodno - fatty emulsii. The best way of preparation of a trout - on pair.

At each fish the advantages
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the Carp

In a carp is a lot of meat, therefore it so is rich with fiber. But it is necessary to notice that it is fat enough fish, in it many the sated fat acids raising level of cholesterol. Nevertheless cod-liver oil is much better beef or pork. The carp contains calcium which contributes in formation of bone structure. Also this fish is rich with potassium - it improves nervously - muscular conductivity, and the zinc useful to a skin. But the most valuable in a carp - the high maintenance of brimstone. In microdoses brimstone participates in formation of all fibers in an organism, including all enzymes. Besides, brimstone is necessary in the course of a fibrillation - when in a vessel the blood clot and a bleeding is formed stops. If you fry a carp advantage of fish will be not so much. The carp is better for baking in an oven or to boil.

the Halibut

In a halibut contains amino acid triptofan. Triptofan supports balance serotonina (a pleasure hormone) and melatonin (a dream hormone) in an organism. Still the halibut is vitamin-rich groups In (Â6, Â12, Â9) which contribute in normal warm activity. And, of course, in a halibut contain an omega - 3 fat acids. The halibut is better not to fry, and to extinguish in a small amount of water or to bake in salt. Such ways of preparation will help to save with fish useful triptofan.


At heka white juicy pulp with the big maintenance of easily acquired fiber. Besides that hek fish tasty, it is vitamin-rich And and E.Bez of vitamin A is impossible fotoretseptsija - perception of light and the image. At its deficiency there is a night blindness. Vitamin A participates in formation of new layers of a skin. In absence of vitamin A epitely becomes from cylindrical flat and begins orogovenie. Still in heke there is a phosphorus necessary for formation of a skeleton, iodine without which thyroid gland hormones are not formed, and brimstone which participates in immune processes. To prepare heka is better in a double boiler.

the Salmon

Is the best fish for people with sick heart and for maintenance of level of cholesterol in norm. By quantity an omega - 3 polynonsaturated fat acids the salmon wins first place. Them in this fish more than in a Siberian salmon and a humpback salmon. In a salmon there is a vitamin D which participates in a system ­ nii bones, and it is a lot of calcium. Fish on a broader scale, and a salmon especially, as well as dairy products, warns osteoporosis development.

How to prepare

to Cut a salmon on small slices to put on in advance warmed up frying pan and to fry from two parties (a salmon is fried for 5 - 10 minutes). To water a ready salmon with olive oil, 1 table spoon of lemon juice, to strew small cut garlic, salt and pepper.

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