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Leah are necessary to us proroshchennye cereals?

on the basis of recommendations the CART on a healthy food taking into account features of a food in Russia the concept « is developed; 12 steps to a healthy food ». On it, at a food of Russians necessarily should be present tselnozernovye products and bread from a flour of a rough grinding.

from - that in our food all-the-year-round there are no vitamins, and we eat vegetables and fruit no means always, cereals for prorashchivanija and zaparivanija are necessarily necessary, considers to. M. n., the dietician Maria Ovsyannikov:

are unique suppliers of vitamins and microcells. By the way, at prorashchivanii in grains in 5 times the maintenance of vitamin 6 and vitamin C increases, and in sprouts there is a vitamin E considerable quantity. Thus the volume of useful substances in the grain, intended for germination, does not decrease all year long

Undoubtedly, bread, groats, cereals, pasta are a basis of a healthy food. At a daily diet necessarily there should be porridges on water or nizkozhirnom milk.

- remember: most not useful - a decoy and fig. Eat more grechki, porridge, millet.

- bread should be chosen only wholly - grain and bezdrozhzhevoj.

- Macaroni should be indispensable only from firm grades of wheat.

- at a choice mjusli be attentive – it is desirable that they would contain some kinds of cereals, for example, a rye, oats, wheat. That who aspires to supervise weight, it is better to prefer mjusli which already contain a basis and do not demand some milk or yoghurt for preparation.

it is important!
Pledge of a high-grade food: 7 - 8 portions grain in day. Under portion it is understood ½ a glass of product already ready to the use (porridges, mjusli, macaroni and etc.) or 1 slice of bread.