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That waits for the Kirov spectators in new TV - a season

Before the beginning of a new television season channels and are torn to grasp superiority on updating. Someone starts new transfers, someone changes an announcement grid. Changes, undoubtedly, to the best occur on all channels so to miss to the Kirov spectators in this autumn precisely it is not necessary.
Actual messages
On GTRK « Vyatka » in a new season of changes in an announcement grid it is not expected. As before, kirovchane will see four releases of news and two hours of an announcement on TV channel « Βερςθ24 ».
- We will advance especially popular thematic programs - « to Conduct - Village » « to Conduct - Economy » and also to start new not less interesting - « to Conduct - Style » « to Conduct - the Right » on the channel « Βερςθ24 » - Marina Dohmatsky has told the deputy director.
Will start on the channel the new program « to Conduct - Interview ». In it interesting people, bright characters will respond to pressing questions. Among the first visitors of transfer - the chairman of Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region Alexey Ivonin.
Among new faces VGTRK - the leader of the program « to Conduct. Results of week » Michael Konyshev.
the New brand
Since September, 1st in a city will start to broadcast « the First city channel » or in abbreviated form « the First city » is an evolution of a brand « 33 channel ».
Now every evening for us waits « Information hour »:
19. 00   - « the Scene » - criminal news,
19. 15   - the Information channel « the City » - city news,
19. 45   - the program « Vyatka Today » - alternative news.
the Information channel « the City » since September, 1st will leave in 19. 15, earlier, than at other channels.
The new program « Vyatka Today » are news under an unusual corner. Events which do not get almost under sights of videocameras, the subjects closest kirovchanam. Social actions and the real help in the decision of household problems. « Vyatka Today »   are the alternative news seasoned with irony and humour.
Since September, 3rd « the Country of Advice » will leave on days off: Saturday, Sunday in 10. 00. Program repetitions - at week-days. At a serialised television program the new leader   - Ekaterina Reutov. The concept of the program too has changed: more experiments, the non-standard approach to disclosing by that. Good advice for the house and a family, motorists and fans of country rest, judges of culture and art.
there Will be one more new program - total is information - the analytical program « Week in a city » every Sunday in 19. 15. The leader   - Sergey Ignatyev.
You with friends!
In August TV channel REN has already appeared before spectators in new style and with a new slogan « REN. You with friends! ». Now REN will be guided by spectators 35 - 45 years which conduct an active way of life and positively conceive world around.
from July, 1st on Fridays on TV channel REN leaves author`s is information - the analytical project of one their most charismatic journalists in Russia Sergey Dorenko « Russian fairy tales ».
One more new informative project about riddles of our planet - « the elements Formula ». Each release of the program   - the separate documentary film devoted by one of the most stirring subjects of mankind.
the New program « Evolution » it urged to destroy existing myths and stereotypes, to open true nature of things and events! It is the teleproject with intriguing plots on a knowledge subject.
New stars in a television sky
Since September, 1st of televiewers of channel TNT - 43 many surprises wait: new programs, new faces and new registration. First of all, the main information program of TV channel   will seriously change; - news. Since September, 1st it goes on the air under a name « News 43 ». In - the second, program registration will change: prompt, music, design. Studio registration « will change also; News 43 » where by all means there will be new faces. Who will conduct the program since September, 1st, the channel management yet does not open. It is known only that leaders - beginners have passed a casting and rigid competitive selection. The commission has chosen the most talented from almost hundred applicants. And now it is possible to assume that very soon in a television sky of Vyatka new stars will be lighted.
Immutable there will be only exit time « News 43 ». Fresh release look daily in 19. 30.
the Most important news of region for a week look in the program « Results 43 ». It appears every Saturday in 19. 30. The editor and the leader of the program   - Svetlana Tetenkina.
the Program « Results 43 » it is not simple selection of news for a week, and analysis attempt, comments of the main characters, exclusive shots and author`s giving of a material.
the Heroine of the program   - everyone kirovchanka
In the beginning of September TV channel STS will please spectators with new bright projects and fresh releases of already fallen in love programs. For three days prior to the beginning of new academic year starts a new youth serial « Physics or chemistry » devoted unpredictable, boiling, it is frequent cheerful, but sometimes and tragic school life. The project will go on the air from Monday till Thursday in 20. 00.
Z September family game will return to an aether « He/she is my child! ». Shootings of new programs passed in the updated studio: set dressers have changed illumination on a platform, and also have improved a game zone.
In September « STS 9 channel » and the program « the Prime » starts the new project « the Individual approach. Transfiguration ». If want to change something in life begin since the image. Be transfigured! Us girls of modelling appearance do not interest. It is interesting to work with those to whom the help is really necessary: advice of the hairdresser - the stylist and the visagiste.
Each townswoman can become the heroine of the program. For this purpose it is necessary to come on a site Recently. ru and to leave the data and co-ordinates.