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The woman with a pistol - that a cow under a saddle?

Moscow criminal investigation department opera, they « Companions policemen » with might and main boss on air of the First channel.   in lethal department children,   have gathered; with which jokes are bad: captains of police Rublevsky, Vlasovsky and Titov. The harmonous picture is broken by Shurik - the unique woman in the command, Alexander Smirnova`s captain.

Indulgences to the lady nobody does, yes it and without it perfectly consults. In department her respect. Unless the chief lethal, not suffering sljuntjajstva Valentine Negodova`s lieutenant colonel, to Shuriku is too strict. For nonfeminine character Negodovu was nicknamed by Stepanych. « Women on this work I hate! » - the lieutenant colonel admits.

in general, Shuriku is necessary hardly. On work it every second proves that is capable to give all the best not worse muzhiks and on a broader scale different there female usi - pusi to it are not peculiar. And only houses the girl gives a weak point: Hard drinking reads female gushing novels and displays patiences « loves - does not love ». The role of captain Smirnovoj was excellent executed by actress Anzhelina Karelin.

- Before the beginning of shootings I met a prototype of the heroine. The woman works for a long time on Petrovka. While she to me told about the work, I sat with the opened mouth... Outwardly we are absolutely unlike: I small and thin, and « the colleague » from Moscow criminal investigation department - with a short hairstyle, strong, thickset. I have understood that only such women and can work in lethal department.

the Situation from a serial

1 Alexander Smirnova perfectly owns oriental combat sports.

2 Captain of police has managed to become for workmates « the guy » for as has received a nickname of Shurik. But thus the girl is not going to hand over positions and intends to prove to each of them that it - the best!

3 Shurik it is secretly enamoured in married Rublevsky. And when business reaches its divorce, it in every possible way pushes him to it.

1 - I till 14 years was engaged in Kommentary Anzheliny Karelinoj in ballroom dances. Have then involved oriental combat sports. Was fond so seriously that after a while the trainer has suggested me to become the bodyguard. Has lighted up, that to hide. But it have called in a flashpoint and I have gone to arrive on the actor`s. When has come on tests, has shown that I am able.

2 - I consider that the friendship between the man and the woman exists! At me among acquaintances it is a lot of guys, on bolshej degrees with them also I communicate. Perhaps, because often I happen in a gym. Girlfriends are too, but it is less than them. And concerning a competition of my Shurika to colleagues - so this everyday occurrence. As also the presents an opera compete - who more zaderzhany will spend, will open affairs more. Without a competition in one trade does not manage. Everywhere someone aspires to be better. It is normal.

3 - To me it is close Alexander, but its some acts I do not accept. When she has seen that the family at its colleague Rublevsky falls, it does everything that marriage has collapsed. I consider this act unworthy. Though, probably, when the person loves, he ceases to think soberly. Besides Shurik has got used to achieve an object in view both in work, and in love. If there is a criminal, he should be imprisoned, if is favourite cheloek - it should be near to it.

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