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In a solitude, in village

« Days off on wheels » is a new program about travel on the channel of TV the Center. Its member of the legendary command « conducts; KamAZ - the master » and the head of TV channel « the Car plus » Andrey Leontev.

- Communicating as - that with colleagues, friends and casual acquaintances, I have found out that on roads of Europe we are guided at times better, than at home, in the central part of Russia, - Andrey admitted. - instead of to know the country is a sin. To correct a situation, we have thought up a cycle of programs « Days off on wheels » which, on the one hand, shows all delights of trailering, and with another - opens weight of the most interesting places which at times do not get even in sight of the Internet.

In these days off the command of Leonteva will go from Moscow Region in Tver.

- we Will talk about the agrotourism typing now turns, - the leader has told to us. -   This familiarising of people with country life. Now it is very fashionable to arrive to a farm, to lodge there in a small house and during the day to look after, for example, hens, ducks, horses. To begin morning with dojki goats or cows, to work on an apiary. Everyone can choose employment to itself(himself) to liking. We show it on a farm example « Olgino » in Volokolamsk area. But it not one such. On the same travel we will suggest our televiewers to visit not only on a farm, but also Iosifo - the Volotsky monastery where at various times were in an imprisonment Maxim Grek, tsar Vasily Shuisky. We will tell a strange story as homeless children during war have rescued an iconostas. Creating the program « Days off on wheels » we try to pay attention not only to the widespread places specified in any guidebook, but also on the objects unfamiliar to a wide range.   Besides we lay routes so that they were accessible to owners of any cars, and with the different driver`s experience. Including a beginner. For this reason we give often advice, where and as it is better to drive, we advise what to take with ourselves in road from necessary.

« Days off on wheels » on Sundays/ 10. 20, the Center