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Who is responsible for light and water in the Petersburg new buildings

the Past week-end shareholders of a housing estate « Northern valley » have devoted to to understand, why in their new apartments there is no light. The electricity in the fifth, eighth and ninth cases which have been handed over in April of this year, was gone three weeks ago. And, are disconnected there were only apartments, in the building light was, as the builder has connected buildings to diesel generators.

Move-ins have created initiative group which on behalf of tenants has called representatives of the builder, the companies « glavstroj SPb » on serious conversation. People were afraid that instead of the comfortable habitation promised by the builder, have received a standard set of problems – time schemes of power supply and, accordingly, constant faults with supply of electricity.  

the Meeting have appointed to Saturday directly on housing estate territories. From the company « glavstroj SPb » on it directors of technical services of the builder, genpodrjadchika and the sales manager have come.

the conversation which has Begun on raised tones soon has passed in more constructive channel.

- Failure in power supply has occurred for technical reasons which did not depend on our company - from - for cable damages, - representatives of the builder have explained. – at a cable has punched isolation, the covering has become wet to eliminate damage time was required. Lenenergo worked all these days over problem elimination.


Now the eighth and ninth cases are connected to an electricity, without light there is only the fifth – there bulbs will light up in the end of the next week.

By the way, now brand new inhabited cases stand meanwhile the thin. The most impatient move-ins have literally persuaded the builder to give out them keys from apartments before. Someone lives outside of Petersburg and cannot go here more often, someone would like to get over faster from demountable habitation in the own.  

- We warned move-ins that at first they can meet some difficulties, after all huge volumes of a living space are entered into a system. The more largely the object, the is more than nuances, - has told « the chief of department on company public relations « glavstroj SPb » Marina Turygina. - Capacities for connection of inhabited cases on a constant basis have been given out rather recently and them it is necessary that is called, « obkatat ».

Having calmed down, tenants began to be interested, accomplishment questions. It was not pleasant to someone that in their new apartment builders have left garbage, others complained of the broken windows. Representatives of the builder asked tenants to suffer and promised to eliminate all lacks of the shortest terms.

- In April we have handed over more two hundred thousand square metres of habitation, I will repeat, at such large volumes of input without roughnesses not to manage.   but we are opened for dialogue with tenants and are always ready to meet half-way, - Marina Turygina has added.

After on all questions tenants have received answers, builders have informed them pleasant news: within ten days in housing estate territory will be arranged well pridomovye territories.