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Summer at office: to Work to the seventh sweat not only it is harmful, but also it is illegal!

- yesterday we with colleagues have measured temperature in an office - 30,6 degrees! - the visitor of a site Masha informs. - Kondishna is not present, the fan does not help, a head wadded, the cosmetics flows - sentry! And to give a hint at the pra ­ vah we are afraid, that the heads not to anger...

That truth, truth: the heat will pass, and the heads remains, and that it has not beared against your grudge, it is necessary to behave, of course, rather diplomatically.

Therefore together with experts of the Center socially - the labour law we have developed a little « scenarios » which can be offered the chief carefully: here supposedly the whole assortment - give something approaching we will choose.

The earlier, the better

If you are ready to come to office to 8 or even to 7 mornings when yet so it is stuffy can agree with a management about carrying over of the beginning and the termination of the working day.

For persuasiveness remind that last year the Main health officer of Russia Gennady Onishchenko persistently recommended such variant to employers.

you Give change reduction!

There is such important document - « Hygienic requirements to a microclimate of industrial premises » (SanPiN 2. 2. 4. 548 - 96). In them it is said that safe for health of employees working conditions when the temperature at office does not exceed 28 degrees are considered.

Therefore at a management two ways: or by means of air-conditioning temperature in offices to reduce, or the working day to reduce (see the scheme). In the second case hours when you have been released from work, most likely, will be considered as idle time and should be paid at a rate of 2/ 3 average earnings or 2/ 3 icon settings (uniform practice on this question while is not present).

advice: going on negotiations with the heads, preliminary measure temperature in an office some times during the day. Indications write down and for reliability accompany video - or photographing - so that in a shot was both a thermometer, and hours.


If working hours reduction « there are less than money, longer; on degrees » (as in the scenario 2) for your management too rigid variant it is possible to choose a way « lajt »: temporary transition to the incomplete working day.

the Difference that the binding to temperature thus is not obligatory (on how much will work less, dares under the arrangement), and earnings are charged to proportionally fulfilled time. Better to say, hours of absence at office from - for heats will not be paid.



What privileges at employees with children?

- At me two children - 6 and 8 years. A leah I can pass on 6 - the hour working day? On what to me to refer?


By the general rule incomplete working hours are entered in coordination with the employer. However at « family » employees there is an advantage: at the desire of the parents having children till 14 years, the employer is obliged to translate them to incomplete working hours.

So you need to write the application to the management, having referred to item 93 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation.