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Actors turn out

Kaliningradtsy always painfullly react to the news, concerning old kenigsbergskih buildings. And them at us do not feel sorry: that take down, but reconstruct, advertising veil, pass Russian Orthodox Church... Here and destiny of a German residence on Mira prospectus in which the branch of the union of theatrical figures and art - cafe « is located; 12 chairs » it has appeared in doubt. The building is five years is in the regional property. And here the proprietor - agency on property of the Kaliningrad region - has demanded from the union to release the House of actors. In the letter on this subject it is said that « the agency refuses the contract of gratuitous using » dated 2006. Within five days, since June, 20th, the union of theatrical figures should release a premise. And what further? Who will manage a cosy residence in city centre? Where will get to favourite with townspeople of cafe and the union of actors?

Have allocated a place in a film equipment room

In « 12 chairs » about the risen sensation know nothing, there easy work and submit coffee. The union of actors too while on a former place.   but - in a hover.

- We carry on negotiations: strengthened and high-ranking. To speak about the further destiny of the House of actors to me it is difficult, - has told « the chairman of regional branch of the union of theatrical figures Ilya Sheremetev.

Instead of a building of the House of actors to the union have offered three premises in Recreation centre of fishermen.

are adjacent rooms on the third floor of a recreation centre. One of rooms - with an exit on a fire-escape, the former film equipment room, there still old projectors stand. Premises at all do not approach us. And it is necessary to do repair, - Sheremetev speaks.

the Building recognised as emergency

As it was found out, the agency on property of the Kaliningrad region has planned to repair the House of actors, therefore and asks to leave a building. On it to us was informed the head of agency by Irina Sidorenkova.

- In November of last year the governor met the chairman of the union of theatrical figures of Russia Alexander Kalyagin. The question on the House of actors sounded. We have made technical inspection. Have taken out the conclusion that capital repairs are required, - well it and with open years is visible. The roof flows, windows have decayed, beams have decayed, there as early as a year - two and all will fail. The house of the actor in a deplorable state, it recognised as emergency.

Irina Sidorenkova could not name the sum necessary on repair. As she said, design - the budget documentation should be developed, - and to solve, for whose bill to repair.

- There are two variants of financing. Money will allocate or the union of theatrical figures of Russia, ljubo the regional budget, - Irina Sidorenkova has told.

And the cafe remains

In the House of actors Ilya Sheremetev has arranged to me excursion - has shown all premises which are occupied with union branch - library, offices, on ladders have walked. The building, of course, old, to it will not hurt repair. But there is no impression that a status critical, especially, - emergency urgently to move the organisation. Plaster and bricks on a head do not fall, walls do not fall off.

We   have come to a hall where there is a scene. Young actors there rehearse, pass creative evenings, sometimes and performances show.

- Performances chamber, but collect the public, - Sheremetev speaks. - all of us forces try to help theatrical art with Kaliningrad.

a private residence Attic, about which the agency head on property has told such terrible things, we with Sheremetev too have bypassed. It pure, spacious, the rotten and sagged beams it is not visible.

- Rafters, obreshetka and overlappings reliable, - the chairman of the union speaks. - certainly, the tile should be shifted - during a rain the roof leaks. Last time it shifted about 20 years ago. But you see, - to make repair, there is necessity no us to expel from here.

Irina Sidorenkova could not give absolute garantieju that after the repair termination the regional branch of the union of theatrical figures will return to the house.

- I personally to anybody and never guarantee nothing … When we will make repair then we will return to this question. Perhaps, by then and the union any more will not be... - summarised the head of agency on property.

At cafe « 12 chairs » By words Sidorenkovoj, the lease contract till 2018. And cafes for the period of repair are not going to move. The pier to continue to work, or to be closed, they can at own will.

the Kaliningrad branch of the union of theatrical figures - one of the oldest public organisations in area. Recently has noted the 60 - letie. In structure   more than hundred persons: actors, directors, artists, specialists in drama study.