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Valery Meladze: « And all could be differently when I would not love women »! From this song of words you will not throw out...

  it would be time to teach them. On - to ours, on - Georgian: potolkat properly under cars to cut with all the heart, podushit thoroughly. And a little still will be!

Ah, it there was a girl? And that it has got into such dangerous trade? Likes to photograph - let goes where - nibud there to Kosovo, to Palestin, to Egypt, when there stirrings. You look, will escape. And stars to photograph - not babskoe this business.

Our actors stolkih have already beaten journalists and so much chambers at them have broken that to any terrorists and insurgent people and did not dream. That there Meladze! One known - oh, wanted to write the actor. No as the actor it just only ssohshimsja also is known for cheese. We will tell, the well-known friend of talented actors   - Already stolkim to journalists on a muzzle navaljal and so much chambers have broken that if against it have brought an action, it already would become the merited recidivist of Russia. And anything. Like water off a duck`s back.

As will drink - again uncompromisingly struggles for the rights of actors to create everything absolutely with impunity. And what, really them to usual people to equate? Yes you have become crazy! They almost gods! Some still sing, dance, act in film, but the majority with it has fastened for a long time already and simply composes almost Ancient Greek myths about the life.

the Pier, I now marry this, no, on that, or here on they be all this time is antique stroking a hip of the perfect young man. Or - the admirer has presented to me flock of donkeys and a white horse... Oh, excuse, the flock of donkeys is was about spectators... .

Or public did not release two hours from scene N. It - please. And that this N. Has stepped on the stage a bast not vjazamshi, and has then torn down furniture in hostel and has spat refused to it in intim of the parlourmaid in the person - so it is sacred secret of private life! And sacred not trozh!

Journalists - they what for are necessary? To reflect greatness and unusual blossoming of our platform well and there teleserial high creativity. Ah, there are no majesties? There is no blossoming? So it from - for you, journalists! Here would write, how in old time that it is - and all would believe!

your business - to model from a pop-music sweet images   gentle pryntsev and pryntsess. Despite of any trifles of type of pink jackets, hackneyed ladies, a floor-mat from a scene, rudeness behind side scenes,   the unbridled orgies with drugs and the thrown wives.

Learn to reject unnecessary details!   and that undertook   for these divorces!

... I remember, how the Georgian romanticist Valery Meladze shouted personally to me: you, sr - nye journalists, injure my family and my children! I will not give you them is moral to slight! .

well it when we where - that have mentioned about its all already known novel   all with same Dzhanabaevoj. I, truth then without having thought have asked:

- And can, it is all - taki you injured them, when from the wife and children to the young mistress have left? Perhaps all of them - taki from it worry? Or they about this event in newspapers have read?

- Well, I, probably, too am a little guilty... - magnanimously recognised then Valery. - but   to write - that about it what for?

And that truth. Around so much other remarkable subjects!   it is possible to be engaged literaturovedcheskim in analysis of poetic texts - yes though from the same Valery Meladze`s songs. Stars for it stand up - that wrote about creativity?

To me personally seem big   achievement such lines about the poet and its muse: I did not meet anywhere people similar to it And there was all at us not as at other people .

after all and truth - all not as at people... Take for soul of revelation about language what, it appears, the author (and that the journalist whom he all shouted " nevertheless owns; a knot yes a knot it also will not guess, a simple soul!) :

See I smile widely Something I speak a literary language of Bitterns with me of strong wine... ' '

Shakes metaphoricalness   and   unusual   sanitary figurativeness (it I about the proceeding bridge): Between a pole and a pole Between whisper and a voice Thy body unbounded Proceeds a leaf bridge .

On a broader scale to quote   frantic   romanticism of our days it is possible unboundedly. But   personally me have struck in its heart   really prophetical lines which are   a key to understanding of a present situation   in life of the singer: And all could be differently When I would not love women ...

also it would be possible to put to it an end.   not to argue vmerez that it is impossible to beat women, and work of the journalist demands to shine   life of public people.

But the vague trouble torments me. Actors - that at us such gods not one. Officials too want to be canonised and   recently even more often demand fairy tales. In their opinion, journalists should write only about their unusual undertakings and plans gromade.

And as will write that in offices wild turns or still that not so - too are stirred, shout (truth, on the person do not beat): journalists distort. Search for yellow subjects!

My God, yes that for them to search! Here they, these yellow subjects: walk the mistresses in restaurants, dybjatsja just laid asphalt, otfutbolivajut citizens in police stations...   all would like, that the press   was manual. Also would write fairy tales.

It already long such was. And this fairy tale has badly come to an end...