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The equation of fulfilment of acts of terrorism was made by mathematicians

As was found out, acts of terrorism - not such spontaneous event. They can to be expected, as some seers assure, and matematicheski to calculate. This news calling simultaneously both hope, and mistrust, the group of scientists under the direction of Nile has published in magazine Science Johnson from University of Miami. Experts investigated laws of fulfilment of acts of terrorism, using the data about losses of an army coalition headed by the USA in Afghanistan with 2003 - go for 2010. As a result scientists have seen that acts of terrorism represent not a chain of casual events, and submit to laws. One of them was so is obvious what not to pay to it attention it was impossible: after realisation of first two successful acts of terrorism which are divided, as a rule, by time wide interval, « pauses » between the subsequent attacks become ever less.

- our method   Will help to foretell   the future acts of terrorism which plans   to make the same grouping, - doctor Johnson is convinced.

in the equation deduced by it time of preparing acts of terrorism directly depends on the time interval which has passed between first and second acts of terrorism. Accordingly, if between first two attacks of terrorists has passed 100 days the third, presumably, can occur in 66 days, and the fourth – in 52 days. The deduced equation has been checked up with use of the data about acts of terrorism not only in Afghanistan, but also in others « hot » points of our planet. Results of check have proved the validity of this equation for all control regions, informs epochtimes. ru.

Authors of calculations explain that similar law exists and for other processes. For example,   exists   the nonmathematical analysis, giving the chance to do truthful predictions. Not so long ago other group of scientists, using ways of the scientific analysis in zoology, has foretold with considerable accuracy rating   a place where Osama bin Laden, « can disappear; the terrorist number one » which has been killed in May, 2011. In zoology this way of the analysis helps to establish a site of last survived individuals of vanishing species of animals.