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In Meshcheru there have arrived firemen from Tula

the Main rescuer Sergey Mameev has fallen with criticism to a management of national park « Meshchyora ».

As a whole a situation with fires in Vladimir region the normal. Here both weather helps, and operative reaction to detection of the small centres. In total from the beginning of year at us 218 kindlings (decrease on 18 %), their total area &mdash are registered; 158 hectares (decrease in 6 times). The biggest centre is in the Goose - Crystal area, in territory of national park « Meshchyora ». It is already localised and almost liquidated... On Tuesday to the place of suppression there came experts of the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

The main rescuer Sergey Mameev about forest fires

Park « Meshchyora » it was very badly prepared for a fire-dangerous season. Lessons have not been made of events of last year, - Mameev has declared, having generalised check results. - the money, allocated to park on obvodnenie peatbogs, does not accustom till now. Money for the new technics have arrived only the day before yesterday. When it will buy? By New year?

Huge territory of park (119 thousand hectares) protect and only 13 employees and 1 tanker « extinguish; Meshchyory ». In this connection to be engaged in another`s work fighters of the Ministry of Emergency Measures are urged: from the Goose - Crystal and Vladimir. On Tuesday in « Meshchyoru » there has arrived a motorcade of firemen from the Tula area (78 persons and 23 units of technics). They will build pipelines, obvodnjat peatbogs and to extinguish fires. Rescuers have settled down a camp about village Tasino. They are provided by all necessary.

Now forces and means of the Ministry of Emergency Measures in the Goose - Crystal area as much, how much last summer in the hottest time. We are going to meet the enemy real forces. The task in view to struggle not only with fire, but also with smoke content, - Sergey Mameev has told. - will not be such that have localised the centre and waited, when will burn down. After all the damage, which smoke puts to health of people, is enormous.

the Representative of the State Office of Public Prosecutor Anatoly Smirnov who is on visual communication with Vladimir, has declared that its department will necessarily pay attention on « Meshchyoru » which burns from year to year.