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It is necessary to replace the hunting tickets till July, 2012

- Earlier the hunting ticket stood out for 5 years, - the deputy chief regional Gosohotinspektsii Victor Krajnov has told. - And once a year lasted. Thanks to it we could learn about movings of hunters on the country. Now the hunter has received the ticket and more at us before fulfilment of any infringement can not appear. Thus the person can receive a previous conviction or to become mentally sick.

the Regional Department of Internal Affairs has met inspectors of Gosohotinspektsii and has agreed to give the information on previous convictions. And here the regional department of public health services on insane persons has refused to give the data, referring to medical secret.

to receive the new hunting ticket, it is necessary to put in in Gosohotinspektsiju the statement together with a copy of the passport and to hand over the old ticket. More it is required nothing. Within five working days, to the hunter should give out the new ticket.

- Pleases that at delivery of the weapon of the inquiry on a state of mind, and also about presence of an outstanding previous conviction nevertheless it is necessary to give, - Victor Krajnov has told. - such people simply so will not receive the Weapon.

In Gosohotinspektsii also have asked hunters not to hurry up with replacement of tickets. Old tickets operate till July, 1st, 2012.

- And that after all in the field of 20 thousand hunters, - Victor Krajnov has smiled. - Represent that will be, if all of them come at once to inspection.

Despite so considerable quantity of fans of hunting, quantity of animals in Vladimir region it is stable, Victor Krajnov speaks. Population of elks, deer, hares, beavers, and many kinds of birds was affected even by last year`s fires.

- Though, it does not mean that their  destruction was not on a broader scale. The frightened animals ran out on roads and to villages. Them could as a result there either kill, or bring down the car.

By the way, from road accident in Vladimir region perishes most of all animals. Last year under wheels of cars was lost 50 elks and wild boars, this year while six. Thus at times owners of a car also expose requirements about damage compensation ohothozjajstvam.

Though happens and on the contrary. Last year one owner of a hunting dog together with it walked on territory of a popular hunting economy. The cocker - a spaniel was without a lead and a muzzle. The owner threw to it a stick, and the dog has not returned to any moment. It has appeared, it has guessed a trace young kabanchika, has run behind it and zagryzla it. To the owner of a spaniel to indemnify a loss, it was necessary to fork up on 78 thousand roubles!

do not forget! With hunting dogs or with the pneumatic weapon without special resolving documents in ohothozjajstva it is impossible to come. It is possible to earn easy the penalty — from 1 to 2 thousand roubles.