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Omicham have shown unique mini - the helicopter and the pilotless plane

By tradition, the exhibition of military technology, technology and arms has opened in Expocentre at « Continent - 2 ». In 10. 00 after solemn opening participants and visitors of an exhibition, and also journalists have proceeded inside: there, as well as outside, the exhibition hall with tens models and exhibition samples of the most inconceivable technics settled down.

Unique multi-purpose mini - the helicopter

Near to an input has settled down mini - the helicopter « Easy multi-purpose autofat » from Irkutsk factory: almost toy sine - the white flying machine « for two » at once became the attention centre. With the identical enthusiast there climbed to be photographed both children and youth, and the adult serious uncles who have arrived on « VTTV - 2011 » On business meetings.

But it has appeared, a nice a bit animation facade — not the main feature « toys ». This kid overcomes huge distances and is rather multipurpose and rare: analogues are not present either in our country, or in the world.

It provides the maximum security and even at an engine failure can carry out a safe landing. There is such miracle six and a half millions roubles. But the price completely justifies: its possibilities include private transportations and monitoring of land territories, maps electronic districts, volumes of the cut down wood, monitoring of objects. By means of the specialised equipment it is possible to search even teplokontrastnye for objects. It means that the helicopter submits signals to the operator, when « feels » Streams of raised heat (suits such works, as survey of various kinds of hot water supply or electric mains about ruptures, overheatings).

Over this project have started to work since 1999, and in 2002 the first autofat has made demonstration flight. 12 years Were required from the moment of the first drawing to start a technics miracle in mass production. Now such cars five, developers prepare for a batch production.


Ekranoplan for 14 million euro

Unlike all stands where samples of technics have been presented, here on a table stood « cardboard » invention model. This ekranoplan (the plane with continuous « a ski » which can start and land on any surface - water, road, a rock, a bog).

Chief designer Vitaly Surzhikov from « the Baikal centre of science » works over ekranoplanom all life, but could not interest investors in the child yet. The plane latest model - the cross-country vehicle is unique, so — very much it is not cheap. Having heard the sum of 14 million euro, investors tactfully recede. Such money is necessary on realisation and alarm party of clever planes - off-road cars.

Why so it is expensive? This ekranoplan, unlike already existing models, does not need a hand control. Speed will be exposed in advance, and being behind a steering wheel it will be necessary only « rulit » here and there, avoiding obstacles. And a miracle - planes hold height.

Now developers want to start manufacture of models, and assign to an exhibition « VTTV - 2011 » high hopes. In their plans — an input on the Russian market, and there and on international scene.

« Ekranoplany are necessary always! - Vitaly Surzhik, the chief designer of Academy of Engineering sciences of A. M.Prokhorov is assured. - 75 % of globe — water. By means of ours ekranoplana it is possible to carry out continental transportations. It is irreplaceable: speed at it aviation, and security on usages above. Soon we want to start a variant « nadomnyj five-seater ekranoplan » for hunters and fishermen.

« Easy » the variant ekranoplana at cost promises to be as the good Japanese car « Land Cruiser Prada ». However, skilled models meanwhile it is necessary scientists izgotovlivat on own means.

Has continued a number of flying machines Omsk bespilotnik

Omsk developers from OmGTU it is proud presented bespilotnik full-scale, instead of any breadboard model. This orange plane similar to expensive toy, has made on first of July demonstration flight over Omsk.

Authors of the project say that the unmanned aerial vehicle with equal success can be used both in military departments, and for civil purpose. Without additional charge it can be in the sky long enough, and onboard it is possible to place equipment in weight one - one and a half kg. In a word, will help though to search for the people who have got lost in wood though to make geodetic maps, though to conduct supervision over enemy objects. The transmitter equipped with the chamber, can pass all opened kinds to the monitor of the operator who is for some kilometres from a place of actions.

aircraft Novelties: from whole to details

the turbojet

is more exact, to a detail. The huge turbine of the jet engine has collected wishing to be photographed around a heap and simply to take a look:

- the Interesting piece of iron! - it was heard in crowd.

- And why does not work? - Someone has asked representatives « Scientifically - the industrial centre gazoturbostroenija » « Salute »

- If will earn, all of us from here will blow off — unperturbably responded gapers.

to Believe in it it is simple. « an interesting piece of iron » - not that other, as a turbojet with forsazhnoj the chamber of five metres and weight almost one and a half ton.

In a powerful body of the turbine have made some transparent inserts: That interested persons could see castors - small screws and metal cores in the engine.

the Show impressive, as well as the list of customers 100 - the summer enterprise: China, Vetnam, Indonesia and other countries.

it is a lot of and orders from the domestic enterprises: both civil sense, and the military man.

a lot of interesting was and in the street: numerous tanks, armored troop-carriers, installations and other huge cars, impressive even all kind, not to mention advanced characteristics.

In a word, to look at modern novelties of technologies and arms all beau monde of an Omsk policy and business has gathered. Have visited an exhibition and heads of the Siberian regions. The plenipotentiary on the Siberian federal district accompanied governor Leonid Polezhaev Victor Tolokonsky.

By the way:

technics Parade in Light

on July, 7th on range we will see the newest units of military technology and technics of double purpose - updatings of the tanks, the modernised tanks, mostoukladchiki and other technics.

According to organizers of an exhibition, the show is necessary more than effective. For example, Omsk tank T - 80 will plunge completely into a reservoir on range.

How to reach:

Minibuses 316 from a cinema « Mayakovsky » (from restaurant Base), 411 (from road service station) and the bus 31 from ost. « Factory of Baranova » to the final. It is necessary to leave on final and to go directly by settlement Light to range.