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To marriage it is unsuitable, to the appeal is subject!

every day they look at themselves in a mirror and cannot understand: than I am worse than the others? Whether it is ill fate, whether all muzhiks - svo...? Actually, that it is necessary to marry to begin with to recognise truth: I am guilty! It with me something not so! You want to know, in what thy puncture and why till now it is lonely? Ask men.

to Understand, what`s the matter, specially picked up 12 jurymen will help. All of them married no more month back. That is had not time to forget yet why have chosen those women who have married. Heroines of our film will appear before jurymen and learn: a leah they are suitable for marriage? Such still never was. Married men against unmarried women.

Among heroines of a documentary film there are also well-known girls - model Elena Kuletsky, Dan of Borisov, Jeanne Friske, Anna Semenovich, Julia Kovalchuk, Victoria Lopyreva, Anfisa Chekhov. All of them never officially were married. Why them do not take as wife? Girls will tell the version of events. And jurymen - the.  


ONT, « a celibacy Crown » on July, 10th, 15. 00