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Let`s go to look on... konfetnye candy wrappers!

many in the childhood for certain collected labels from the aerated drinks or candy wrappers of especially fallen in love sweets. These are such bright, it is tasty smelling pieces of paper at which it was possible to look unboundedly … By the way, some novosibirtsy even at mature age have not got rid of this predilection! Even to the contrary - in the course of time nostalgia on a childhood only has amplified … And the collection of every possible labels and candy wrappers has expanded to exhibition scales!

the Impressive collection of rare wrappers from sweets and other road to paper for recycling heart was presented to attention of townspeople novosibirets by Alexander Lutkovsky. To collect candy wrappers it has begun in the childhood, then its employment was continued by the daughter, and through any time all family has caught this hobby. Now that only is not present in Alexander`s collection - here and wrappers from Soviet period sweets (that costs, for example, cult « the Bear clumsy »!) And labels from aerated water and even rare packings with sugar.

- the World of candy wrappers so grasps!. After all in them the spirit of the age is reflected, - Alexander Lutkovsky is assured. Are The parts of the pleasure which for ever have saved happiness of the childhood.

By the way, some of such wrappers - the present works of art, after all over their registration worked professional artists and even poets (for example, Vladimir Mayakovsky who posesses lines: « If you had for a long time no pleasures, Buy here Moscow Selpromovsky caramel » written on packing of the sweets with the same name).

Novosibirsk museum of local lore, the m. item « Lenin`s Area » Red pr - t, 23.
Ph. (383) 227 - 15 - 43.
exhibition Opening on July, 8th in 16. 00.
the Price of tickets: 40 rbl.