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At the Novosibirsk airport Northern racers

For those who does not know will gather, dragrejsing are races of powerful cars on short distances. They are conquered, as a rule, by at whom under a car cowl most of all « horsies » and who can on full squeeze out them in a short space of time. To put it briefly, for fans of noisy actions anything you will not think up better!

By the way, competitions on dragrejsingu were not spent in Novosibirsk four years. But this summer the airport « Northern » will collect more than 100 racers from all area - the competition largest in Siberia on this sport is expected.

- the Asphalt covering take-off - a landing strip perfectly approaches for dragrejsinga! - organizers of action have told. - this road on quality does not concede to other racing lines in Siberian region, and some of them even surpasses. Arrivals will be spent on a distance of 402 metres.

Besides, outside of Novosibirsk, in working settlement Linevo, one more race - the second stage of competitions of motorcycle racers « will take place; Dirty fight - 4 ». So those who is not frightened by a trip for a city, can take pleasure in a roar of motors directly on the nature.

the Cup of Novosibirsk on dragrejsingu
the Airport Northern, ost. « the City airport ».
Ph. 8 - 952 - 894 - 61 - 22.
on July, 9th , the beginning in 10. 00.
the Price of tickets: 200 rbl., in the VIP - a bed - 1500 rbl.

2 - j a competition stage « Dirty fight - 4 »
  Working settlement Linevo.
Ph. 8 - 953 - 775 - 97 - 27.
on July, 9th , the beginning in 12. 00.
the Input free.