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Oligarch Silvestr Andreevich from University Alexey Klimushkin known more as Silvestr Andreevich Sergeys will have supper with the Kuban rich man

, will arrive to Krasnodar on first of August. It and the command of actors will show in krajtsentre comic performance « Smart wedding ». In   to statement are involved well familiar to the spectator on a serial « University » Vitaly Gogunsky, it sportsman Kuzja, Andrey Gajduljan - Sasha conducting known teleproject Olga Buzova, actresses Julia Kuvarzina and Miroslava Karpovich. Before arrival of a star landing we have spoken by phone with most skilled of actor`s group   - « the oligarch » Alexey Klimushkinym.

- Hello, Alexey Vladimirovich! We wait for you on a visit in our city. The first question which it would be desirable to set all these years: why you began to act in film only at such mature age? You after all one of those who can decorate not only a serial, but also the big cinema. You already name Lui de Fjunesom of domestic flood!

- Thanks for kind words, we, actors, as it is known, the presents « marriageable brides ». The director or the producer will notice you, means, « you will marry ». Will not notice, you will miss in loneliness. Here and I was long time pending, and then it happens - has pulled out the happy ticket. But before has had time to work on radio and television. By the way, I began the teleproject « the House ». Still that the first. Then were « Windows » « Burden of money » is too my director`s works. Worked in a broadcasting company « the Kind ». Well and then into my life has rushed « University » also has blocked all.

- And how you have got to a serial?

- I was persuaded long for this role by the classmate. I refused, and it pressed on pity: a pier, we did not see for a long time, come.

- From itself the character wrote?

- Yes is not present. In dashing the ninetieth it was possible to see such children who have hammered together the first capital on blood. Peeped, something marked for itself. I was always far from mammon, for example, have lived the whole 20 years in a communal flat.

-   you already were earlier in Krasnodar. By the way, with the same performance which last year has passed with the notice. And on rest to us came?

- Yes when - that for a long time, as well as many compatriots, came. Very much I love your Anapa. But recently I prefer rest in the Swiss Alpes.

- Our classical question on the eve of troupe arrival: what for, on - to yours, it is necessary to see this performance, than it is allocated with such especial?

- I will not say lies, anything especial, besides, that it ridiculous and in it all our command on « is occupied; to University » no. But only one, perhaps, distinguishes it. It would be desirable to believe that this statement hardly is more than simply performance. So, for example, happens that usual football is beyond sports game, and it already is more than simply ball game.

- And you the fan of football?

- Yes, I, for example, know that at you in a city of the whole two commands which are played by the Prime minister - league: « Krasnodar » and « Kuban ». But I the devoted fan « Zenith » because I live in Peter and since the childhood it is keen on this club.

- Tell, what waits for oligarch Sergeeva in a new season?

- you know, all depends on producers, whose opinion in our business plays improbably large role. In our country at cinema we endure till now that stage of bloody Chicago which Americans have taken place davnym - for a long time. I am not assured absolutely not that my hero remains in a serial. I hope, extreme measures will not reach.

Klimushkin (extreme at the left), Buzova and Gogunsky will appear before spectators in unusual images.

the ACTION «»

In the ending of our conversation Klimushkin has agreed with pleasure on the offer « to organise a supper for two. Cine oligarch Silvestr with pleasure will visit a society of the real rich man from Kuban.

So, if your provided friend or the acquaintance something is similar to Silvestra Andreevicha (and not necessarily outwardly), write to us about it in SMS - the letter on editorial number 8 - 952 - 848 - 88 - 88 or send the letter on electronic mail - serg@prokrasnodar. ru

Specify also some personal qualities of your acquaintance and a sort of its business. Edition will choose the most interesting, in its opinion, the businessman of edge and will organise a meeting at restaurant « Da Vinci ». All viands, by itself, at the expense of an institution. By the way, enclosed to the photo letter « the oligarch » will raise your chances to win in ours « Casting ».

the FILE

Alexey Klimushkin, 46 years. Ministered in Military - marine sea fleet of the Russian Federation. Has ended the Leningrad state institute of theatre, music and cinematography (LGITMiK). It was possible to study in Alexey on one course with Dmitry Nagievym and Igor Lifanovym. In 1992 its debut at cinema has taken place. However soon friends have enticed Alexey Klimushkina on radio, and with akterstvom it has fastened some time. On radio Alexey Klimushkin has fulfilled five years. At first was the DJ on « Radio the Modernist style » then - on radio Nostalgie. In the end of 90 - h Alexey Klimushkin together with Egor Druzhinin supervised theatrically - dancing collective in Petersburg. At Alexey Klimushkina long time was not got on with cinema. He already thought to throw actor`s career, tried to be engaged in direction as has suddenly appeared « University ».