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In Vorkuta the maniac overturned carriages with babies

Young mum slowly walked with the baby on the centre of Vorkuta and at all has not paid attention when the tall man has overtaken it. And that has suddenly stepped to a carriage and from all force has kicked it under the bottom - in that place where there was a head of the kid. And, indifferently, has walked further.

- the Daughter has cried terribly, - the woman in a police station told, pressing to itself the monthly baby. - it has not dropped out nearly of a carriage. Look, even the metal skeleton was bent!

All event was written down by chambers of external supervision of one of the shops which are in that area. Video has got to the Internet and then at local forums there were new responses: already some mummies complained of the two-metre jockstrap who tried to turn carriages. All have together calculated also signs of the criminal: a scar on an upper lip, a multi-coloured jacket... And after some days policemen took the man completely getting under the description.

- to It 31 year, anywhere does not work. When him have detained, he in all admitted at once, - inspectors speak. - and in the end of the first interrogation has impudently declared: I am a schizophrenic, there is an inquiry, therefore you to me will not make anything.

At suffered from blow of the loony of the babe suspected a brain concussion, but all has managed. Now guards check, a leah the man is involved in similar cases about which write on the Internet. Soon it should send for psychiatric examination. Paradox: but if the diagnosis proves to be true, the hooligan will really release on freedom.

- If it actually the schizophrenic to judge it we have no right - such is the law, - make a helpless gesture in investigatory committee. - but if we will prove that it is dangerous to a society, we will send on compulsory treatment in psychiatric clinic. And why such people on a broader scale at us on streets go, it already a question to physicians.