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With searches У paparats - кветкi У we were late on two weeks

1. To mark top of summer - a summer solstice - is accepted at all nations of the world. And in all countries the main summer feast is necessary for the night with 23 for June, 24th - the shortest night in a year. Belarus Kupale before gregorian calendar introduction (new style in 1918) too was marked this night. And then together with a calendar has moved for 13 days forward - for the night with 6 for July, 7th. But after all the summer solstice and the shortest night in a year remained on a former place! Then we are late with Kupalem and search « paparats - кветкi » on two weeks. Perhaps therefore anybody also cannot find it, what not at that time searches?

2. Other question, what for to search in kupalskuju night « paparats - kvetku ». On a private experience time and again it was convinced that the overwhelming majority of girls considers: you will find « paparats - kvetku » - you will meet the promised. I hurry to discourage: The legend about a blossoming fern does not concern the promised. On a legend, the one who will find this flower, will receive supernatural abilities: can find all treasures and treasures in the earth, will find a magic power and the power over plants and animals, will not know illnesses, becomes strong, can look in the future. Kupale basically does not concern love - the people pined the hopes of a plentiful crop on this feast and representation about extreme mammons of the nature.

3. In our consciousness of Kupale and Ivan Kupala as - that for a long time have merged in one feast. Actually it is absolutely different feasts: Kupale (at us it is celebrated on July, 6th) - pagan, Ivan Kupala (on July, 7th) - Christian.

Bathed - slavonic god of fertility, commemorating of Kupalja is connected with his name - a feast in honour of a summer solstice. In the night from 23 for June, 24th people, having risen on hills, do not sleep and watch for a meeting of the sun with month. All night long at the rivers fires flare, round them drive round dances. The people jump through a flame of fires and on flight height judge height of the future corn. At a dawn it is accepted to bathe - in olden time believed that bathing, as well as kupalskaja dew, has curative force. Except as Kupale, this feast name still Ivanov night, or night on the eve of Ivan Kupaly.

For kupalskoj the Christian feast - birthday of John the Baptist, the one who baptised Jesus Christ at night comes. As baptism occurred through immersing in water the people have comprehended it so: Ivan Krestitel has christened, or bought, Jesus Christ, therefore it began to name Ivan Kupala. In the people behind this day the name of Ivans day (or Jan) was fixed.

And on a broader scale in the places these two feasts are placed kupalskaja by a song: « Syonnja Bathed, zautra Jan ».


Today knit bannye brooms and collect curative grasses

If with searches « paparats - кветкi » we already were late to observe Ivanov`s traditions of day still quite we are in time. It is considered that on Ivan Kupalu trees and grasses receive huge power force from the Sun and the Earth. Therefore this day it is accepted to knit brooms and to collect curative grasses. The shepherd`s bag prepare as good krovoostanavlivajushchee at bleedings, a nettle - from rheumatism, the hare cabbage - for treatment of wounds and burns, mother - and - the stepmother, dushitsu and a Labrador tea - on a case of colds and cough.


That which dreams not of a good harvest, and about the big and pure love to go to wood follows on searches not « paparats - кветкi » and a love grass ivan - yes - marja. There is such legend. There were Ivan yes Marja, the brother and the sister separated since the childhood. Have fallen in love each other, have got married. And here it was found out that they are a brother and the sister. In punishment for sodejannyj a sin they have turned to a grass with colours of different colour on one stalk: Ivan - sinenky, Marja - zheltenky. It is considered that the girl, who can find this grass in Ivans day (just today), will for ever charm to itself favourite.