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Money for a wind

Such data was resulted in the total report to the Congress by the independent Commission on military contracts. As appears from this document, the volume of losses can increase after the termination of the American support under reconstruction programs therefore on the power of Iraq and Afghanistan costs for the maintenance of schools, medical institutions, barracks, roads and the power stations constructed on the American means will lay down. The commission has noticed that the governmental departments should reconsider procedures of award of contracts and management of them in zones of military operations not to repeat errors. Among 15 recommendations resulted in the report - establishment of posts of the auditor under contracts both responsible for planning and coordination. The commission expects that expenses on contracts and grants in support of the American operations in Iraq and Afghanistan by the end of 2011 will exceed 206 mlrd dollars. Under its data, losses of means in Afghanistan make from 10 to 20 percent of total amount. The reason names weak control over actions of contractors, bad planning, corruption and swindle. Thus losses as a result of swindle have made from 5 to 9 percent.

the Commission on military contracts has been created on model of Committee of Truman which supervised six decades ago expenses of America during the Second World War. Large powers on consideration of contracts of a wartime, projects of reconstruction and activity of the private security companies have been given it. The senator - the democrat from Missouri Clare Makkaskill, one of initiators of the commission, has noticed that to it « it is opposite to think that almost third billions spent by the USA on contracts, has been spent for nothing or became extraction of swindlers ».