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The owner Universalbank businessman Renato Moustached brings an action for slander

Yesterday has collected a press - conference on which has voiced the point of view on the events occurring around « Universalbank ».

we Will remind that at the chairman of the council « Universalbank » Herman Gorbuntsova was arrested on August, 2nd by all bills. The judgement of sector the Center said: « to collect money in favour of the Panama company for a debt, to it given by the Moscow firm which she has redeemed at three Moscow companies ».

- Jacobs I owe five with superfluous millions dollars! - was surprised in conversation with the correspondent « Herman. - I should nothing to anybody - opposite, about the same sum owe to me!

Actions « Universalbank » belonging to Gorbuntsovu, in 2010 have been put one Swiss company. And here at a stock exchange there passes the transaction on which the put actions are on sale the Seychelles company. Under the law of any country of the world to do it categorically it is impossible. The put actions are not an auction subject. Thank God, the National commission on securities (NKTSB) has operatively understood all it (infringements under the transaction of sale of actions have sufficed on three pages!) Also has blocked the transaction. It is necessary to give due to efficiency NKTSB. And the Natsbank has there and then interfered, as under the domestic legislation, more than 5 % of actions of bank cannot leave abroad without the written permission of Natsbank. The bank works in a former mode.

- I represent interests of one company , - have begun a press - conference of Renato Moustached.

- And where it is registered? - Journalists have taken an interest.

- Abroad . - admitted Moustached.

- And in what country? - Journalists persisted.

- I will not tell.

Further has proceeded in style « the fool ». Renato Moustached has accused Herman Gorbuntsova that through its bank money is laundered.

- In day on 5 - 10 million dollars! - was indignant Moustached . - And on a broader scale, Gorbuntsov sat, though has made to itself the inquiry about nesudimosti.

On a reasonable question why, time it is known about money-laundering, Moustached it was not converted into law enforcement bodies, he admitted:

- I was not converted into law enforcement bodies.

- And proofs about illegal activity of mister Gorbuntsova are available for you?

Renato Moustached from the concrete answer has evaded.

- the Inquiry about nesudimosti at me is also any conflicts to the law at me is not present! - has commented for « the statement Moustached Herman . - And as to money-laundering, it is easy for checking up. On balance of bank at me never passed such sums! I am going to bring an action against Renato Moustached for slander and I will easily prove the case! Investors can not be stirred. I, as the shareholder, do not influence bank work. Any monetary shocks owing to the arisen situation will not occur. If clients of bank begin to worry, the bank has enough means to pay off with them.